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King as seen in One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece: Mariejois' Phantom Room has everything to do with King's lost race

Fans of One Piece will remember King, Kaido's trusted right-hand man, who posed a significant challenge to Zoro in Wano. King is the last living member of the Lunarian race, a nearly extinct race from the Red Line renowned for their ability to create fire. This race is distinguished by their large wings covered in black feathers, brown skin, silver-white hair, and a flame that almost always burns on their upper back.

There are numerous fan theories suggesting that Imu, the secret ruler of the world of One Piece, might be a Lunarian who exterminated all Lunarians, with King being the sole exception. While this theory has not been confirmed, a new fan theory suggests that Imu might be hiding in the Phantom Room, something that rightfully belongs to the Lunarians.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

One Piece fan theory suggests Imu is keeping King's treasure

Imu in the Chamber of Flowers as seen in One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece fan theorist and X user Typical Joe @3SkullJoe has recently contributed to the vast and extremely interesting body of fan theories that exist. Their focus has been on the legendary Phantom Room, which refers to a mysterious chamber in the Pangaea Castle at the Holy Land of Mariejois, the capital of the World Government.


The Pangaea Castle serves as the base of operations for the World Government, where officials, especially high-ranking ones like the Five Elders, operate. The Phantom Room is believed to be a well-guarded secret, hidden from the prying eyes of all but a select few. One Piece chapter 1084 brought proper attention to this room when Sabo and Bonney, eavesdropping on the guards, discovered that the room was the reason behind the mysterious disappearances of many guards.

It is speculated that Imu might have employed Vegapunk's illusionary wall technology to create a perception filter, effectively rendering the room invisible. The effectiveness of this technology was evident on Egghead Island.

The Phantom Room has been regarded as the underground chamber that houses the giant straw hat, which probably belonged to Joy Boy. It has also been assumed that Doflamingo knew precisely about this secret. While agreeing that the Phantom Room might have a connection to the underground chamber, this particular fan theory suggests that the Phantom Room might be the Chamber of Flowers.

The Chamber of Flowers is a radiant space teeming with flora such as grass, trees, and flowers, particularly lilies and butterflies, where Imu likes to spend their time.

Imu in the underground chamber as seen in One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

The fan theorist reminds us that Mariejois once used to be the dwelling place of the Lunarians. The Lunarians are thought to have regarded the soil and plants as sacred, a cultural practice that is shared by other winged races, such as the Skypiea people.


Thus, this shared reverence for nature leads to the speculation that the Phantom Room, or the Chamber of Flowers, is actually a sanctuary originally created by the Lunarians and now used by Imu. The need to keep this room a secret could be tied to the history of the Lunarians.

Next, the One Piece theorist suggests that the illusory walls or perception filter that keeps the Phantom Room hidden momentarily fall away when Imu leaves the room or perhaps when the moon reaches a certain phase in its cycle. Thus, the existence of the room is revealed, and guards who see it have to be eliminated in order to keep Imu’s existence a secret.

The secrets that Imu keeps in the Phantom Room have undoubtedly been a source of interest for all One Piece fans. It could hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Void Century, and Doflamingo might play a role in revealing it to the world.

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