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One Piece: True uses of Momonosuke’s abilities, explored (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece: True uses of Momonosuke’s abilities, explored

One of the most ill-fated characters in One Piece is Kozuki Momonosuke, the young inheritor of the Wano Shogunate, were it not for the premature death of Kozuki Oden. Fans weren’t particularly fond of Momonosuke for the first several-hundred chapters and episodes of his introduction into the series.

Despite this unfortunate introduction, One Piece fans have begun to come around on Momonosuke since the Wano arc and the Onigashima Raid started. His character has deepened greatly, establishing him as someone who wants to live up to the expectations his name carries, but doesn’t quite know how to or believe he can get there.


However, fans tend to underrate Momonosuke’s abilities and powers in the series, as well as their implications, solely for his lack of using them to their fullest extent. However, in reality, the true uses of Momonosuke’s various powers and abilities have the influence to greatly affect the One Piece world in a variety of ways.

Despite being a child mentally, Momonosuke has one of most invaluable skill sets in One Piece

Momonosuke can call Zunesha to Wano and make it slap Kaido to death. #ZKK hehe

Before diving into what the true uses of Momonosuke’s powers are, it’s worth establishing what these abilities are exactly. As of the latest One Piece episode, Momonosuke’s most impactful strength is his having a replica of Kaido’s Devil Fruit. Now that he’s been aged up to become a full-size dragon, he essentially boasts all the terrifying power that Kaido does, even if he doesn’t yet know how to use it fully.


The second and major ability that the young Kozuki clan inheritor possesses is the Voice of All Things. Essentially, the Voice of All Things is the ability to communicate with everything in the world, from the stone blocks known as Poneglyphs to animals who cannot speak. Such powers have been previously displayed by Momonosuke and others who possess the ability, such as Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy.

Easily the most implicative aspect of Momonosuke’s abilities is his possessing a replica of Kaido’s Devil Fruit. Should Kaido be defeated and overthrown come the end of One Piece’s Wano arc, it means that the isolated island nation will continue to have a fearsome guardian dragon. Likewise, this may deter or even overpower any assault on behalf of the World Government to annex the country.

The main reason smiles are defective is because Caesar made them. Vegapunk however, has already created a perfect artificial devil fruit. Yes, Momonosuke SH's fruit i would argue is actually a replica of Kaido's fruit. Its the reason why we haven't gotten their DF names yet

Furthermore, it serves as a major deterrent to other pirate crews who may try to claim Wano for themselves with Kaido’s rule now over. By his presence and potential alone, Momonosuke may be the greatest shield Wano has as they rebuild, assuming Kaido is indeed defeated at the end of the Onigashima Raid.


That being said, the Voice of All Things has been proven to be far from insignificant in One Piece thus far. One of the key uses that Momonosuke could reasonably find for his ability is his ability to not only speak with but also command Zunesha. This is shown in the Zou arc when the giant elephant will only defend itself once Momonosuke gives the order.

With this in mind, Momonosuke has the ability to completely rewrite the fate of the Mokomo Dukedom, the Mink people, and Zunesha themselves. For example, Momonosuke may have the ability to end Zunesha’s punishment, allowing it to cease roaming the New World seas aimlessly.

Momonosuke is most underrated character in all of One Piece. His feats/experiences by age 8 will make his power during Peak Years insanely high. 2 PK Ships, Voice of all Things, Child of Oden etc. Hated due to "crybaby" but look at other scaredycat characters double his age.

Likewise, it could result in the relocation of the Mokomo Dukedom to a more secure area, such as a (potentially) recently-freed Wano. The need to relocate the Mink Kingdom has been previously established during the Zou arc, with Miyagi pointing out that Zunesha may one day die and take the Mink society with it.

What’s clear is that Momonosuke’s existence and abilities in One Piece serve a real purpose as the series heads into its final saga. With how integral Wano has already proven itself to the overarching narrative of the series, it’s unsurprising that its potential next Shogun is subtly one of the most influential characters in the story.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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