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One Piece: What are Emporio Ivankov's powers? Horm-Horm Devil Fruit's powers, explained (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece: What are Emporio Ivankov's powers? Horm-Horm Devil Fruit's powers, explained

With their reappearance in recent One Piece manga issues by nature of Bartholomew Kuma’s flashback, fans have taken a renewed interest in none other than Emporio Ivankov. One of the series’ most memorable and unique characters, Ivankov (often called just Iva), has been a fan favorite since his introduction in the series’ Impel Down arc.

Likewise, his inclusion in One Piece has only led to fans praising and loving him as a character even more. The ongoing Kuma flashback offered a significant boost to this as well, showing him and Kuma to have been friends from the time they were just children. The reveal of their involvement in the God Valley Incident also led to both characters becoming even more beloved by fans.


However, with Ivankov having been out of One Piece’s action for quite some time, some fans are forgetting exactly what his powers are via his Paramecia-type Horm-Horm Devil Fruit. While the Fruit’s abilities are seemingly complex, they’re actually deceptively simple once a few key points of its powers are clarified.

One Piece’s Emporio Ivankov has arguably one of the best support-role Devil Fruits in the series


Horm-Horm Fruit’s powers, explained

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When Emporio Ivankov was introduced in the arcs directly preceding One Piece’s time-skip, his Horm-Horm Devil Fruit and the abilities it offered him were a main focus. In fact, it was one of the first things fans learned about him due to the fact that he had made efforts to save protagonist Monkey D. Luffy’s life with the Fruit’s powers upon his introduction.

The Horm-Horm Fruit allows its user the ability to create a variety of special hormones that allow them to alter the patient’s body in any way the user desires. This includes switching a person’s biological sex between male and female, which he himself and his ally Inazuma are seen doing quite often. Ivankov is also seen using this aspect of the Fruit’s powers on others throughout the series.

However, the true benefit of Ivankov’s Horm-Horm Fruit lies beyond this surface-level use of a female and male hormone. Luffy has primarily been seen receiving the benefits of the other uses throughout One Piece via the Healing Hormone and the Energy Hormone. There’s also a fifth hormone in the form of the Face Growth Synthesis Hormone, which Ivankov is only ever seen using on himself to grow his face to gigantic proportions.

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In any case, the Healing Hormone allows Ivankov to cure someone of serious disease or poisoning. However, the hormone only unlocks the body’s immune system’s full potential, meaning that their chance of survival is based on the individual’s will to live. The technique also sacrifices a portion of the target’s lifespan, which was 10 years in Luffy’s case based on the severity of the situation. However, he was shown to be immune to most poisons afterwards.

The Energy Hormone, meanwhile, is primarily seen when it’s used on Luffy during One Piece’s Marineford arc. This hormone can provide a tired person with a burst of adrenaline that relieves tension and allows easier movement for an entire day. However, there is an aftereffect that causes the recipient to feel nauseous and tired, and there’s also a limit to how much fatigue the hormone can relieve.

While there are most likely other abilities of the Devil Fruit given its focus on general hormones, these are all that have been revealed in the series so far. However, with the Revolutionary Army seemingly set to become a major part of the story in the near future, fans could be seeing more powers from Ivankov very soon.


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