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Lucci and Kaku's previous organization, the CP9, used Doriki to measure agent's physical prowess (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

One Piece: Why Doriki was an unreliable power level system, explained

Based on the leaks, One Piece 1067 is going to feature the arrival of three CP0 masked agents - Lucci, Kaku and Stussy - in Egghead. With Lucci and Kaku being old acquaintances from the Enies Lobby Arc, fans are eager to see how strong they have now become.

CP0 is the greatest agency in the employment of the World Government. Within CP0, masked agents are the strongest fighters, in a class of their own compared to the others. Being a part of this elite, it's likely that Lucci and Kaku have improved their strength during the time skip.


Before the time-skip, Lucci and Kaku, along with some others, were part of a lesser Cipher Pol, the CP9. To measure their physical power, members of CP9 utilized a system called Doriki. However, this system doesn't represent the true overall strength of a fighter.

Doriki only measures their basic physical abilities, without considering enhancements or new capabilities gifted by Devil Fruits, as well as the skillful usage of external weapons. Follow this thread to learn more.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the One Piece manga up to Chapter 1067 and reflects the opinions of the writer.


Doriki doesn't depict the true overall power level of a fighter in One Piece


What the Doriki system stands for in the One Piece series

Fukuro, a CP9 agent, measured the basic physical capabilities of his colleagues through the Doriki (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Doriki is used to determine someone's level of physical power through a special technique called Te-awase. The only known person who is able to perform such measurements is Fukuro, one of the former agents of CP9. During the Enies Lobby Arc, he gauged the Doriki of his comrades.

The Doriki measurement was performed by jumping at Fukuro and physically striking him with a basic hit. It was stated that the average Marine soldier has a Doriki of 10. Moreover, people with a Doriki of 500 or higher are classed as superhumans.

Where’s Jabura ?? His Doriki was relatively equal to Kaku?? Why Oda don’t include him… #ONEPIECE1062

While it can highlight one's level of physical prowess, Doriki only measures the base capabilities of the body. It doesn't take into account Devil Fruit powers or the usage of external weapons. Hence, this measurement can't depict the overall strength of a character, just his basic physical capabilities. There is multiple evidence of this.


Spandam, the CP9 leader, had a Doriki even lower than the average soldier. Despite that, he is still a fair amount stronger. In fact, he answered others' scorns for his low level of Doriki by claiming that it wouldn't matter at all, as the usage of Funkfleed, his Devil Fruit-enhanced sword, wasn't included in such measurement.

@monkeydmeme @Khaled71697764 Kaku didn't even have his swords when they measured doriki, how could they measure something that wasn't even there??
Moreover it was implied that weapons aren't part of Doriki. The soldier only meant the average soldier, weapon or not.

Jabra, one of the CP9 members, textually declared that Doriki only measures someone's physical power without taking into account the powers granted by Devil Fruits. This statement is emblematic, given that some Devil Fruits (especially Zoan-types) directly increase the users' physical strength.

Most One Piece characters don't just rely on basic physical strength, but also enhance their fighting skills with Devil Fruits and weapons. Given that these assets aren't considered within the Doriki measurement, this system appears to have major flaws.

Kaku and Jabra's case shows how unreliable the Doriki system is

Despite a small gap between their Doriki, there is a remarkable gap in overall power between Kaku and Jabra (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Two of the main members of CP9 were Kaku, with a Doriki of 2200, and Jabra, with a Doriki of 2180. While every One Piece fan knows that Kaku is stronger than Jabra, there is disagreement over how much the two CP9 agents differ from one another in terms of strength.

The idea of their Doriki being proof of Jabra being close in strength to Kaku is an old theory that some fans tried to promote. The larger aim was to suggest that Sanji, who defeated the former, was comparable in strength to Zoro, who beat the latter. However, taking all the evidence into account, Kaku appears to be much stronger than Jabra.

While the gap in their Doriki is relatively small (2200 to 2180), the actual difference in strength between Kaku and Jabra is much greater than that. Throughout the One Piece series, Kaku is consistently depicted and shown as an individual on a different level than Jabra.

@Hao_Yusame @Abcdefg19911996 @Kaizoku_Marimo @SkengTheFirst @Younusan @ITz0LGoN @PorterPeak2 @n77qnz5k5b @Mihawkthegoatt you mean the douriki took into account the strength of jyabura zoan form using one punch ? so zoan jyabura = kaku ? what about the sword skill ? it meansure them too ?

On the news of his Doriki being lower than Kaku's, albeit only slightly, Jabra didn't belittle the gap. Instead, he expressed his displeasure at being weaker than his colleague and admitted his inferiority to Kaku, without any mention of the amount of difference in their Doriki.


Even more importantly, Doriki only measures the base capabilities of the body, without taking into account Devil Fruit powers or the usage of external weapons. Hence, Kaku's overall power, which was heavily enhanced by his Devil Fruit and his swordsmanship, was much greater than what his Doriki measured.

@MazhariArmaan @k7aNAyaan @Karmaguyy_twt doriki scales physical strength and navy martial arts level meaning no swords Kaku>Jabra lmao

Kaku, by his own admission, is a swordsman. He called himself as such, and when he was in trouble against Zoro, his countermeasure was to rely on his swords. Given that Kaku's swordsmanship wasn't considered in the Doriki assessment, it means that a significant portion of his fighting abilities wasn't taken into account.

To kill any further doubt, during the Doriki measurement, Kaku did not use his swords. Nor did he have them with him. Hence, it can be concluded that the swords weren't measured.

The fact that Doriki also doesn't include any enhancement earned through a Devil Fruit is very significant. Despite having eaten his Devil Fruit recently, Kaku showed great skill in using it. He perfectly coordinated it with his previous abilities, as Jabra himself reluctantly noticed.

The cornerstone of this argument is the difference in measurement in Doriki b/w Jyabra and Kaku, which amounted to a mere 20 point percentile.

However, Doriki is a awful measuring stick for power. Not only does it only focus on physical strength with no consideration of

Before eating his Devil Fruit (which he obtained only after the Doriki measurement) Kaku couldn't even perform his strongest move, the Sky Slicer Rankyaku. Such an attack was only possible due to the giraffe's massive body rotating on itself, amplifying Kaku's power.

s, the Doriki measured Kaku's prowess without taking into account something as important as his strongest attack - a technique that he couldn't even perform yet at the time of the measurement.

Jabra's Devil Fruit didn't gift him new capabilities. It just enhanced his pre-existing ones. Instead, Kaku's Devil Fruit not only improved all his basic skills but also gave him access to a whole new powerful move (which became the strongest in his repertoire).

complementary power like Swordmanship, speed, etc.

It didn't even provide any sort of prediction for how greater someone's physical strength would increase with a devil fruit.

Arguing that Kaku and Jyabra's Doriki level would be same after they use their devil fruits is

Kaku was also gifted with other different peculiar techniques, such as the Extreme Nose Pistol Giraffe Blast, that exploited the giraffe body in combo with the Rokushiki. In comparison, Jabra's skills don't progress beyond what his Doriki reveals. The narrative clearly paints Kaku as the one who made the most gains from obtaining a Zoan Devil Fruit.

Kaku's swordsmanship, his overall best technique, and all the peculiar upgrades from his Devil Fruit are not considered within his Doriki. This means that his true fighting abilities are much greater than what that measurement says.

Kaku has slightly higher Doriki than Jabra, but much greater overall strength

Kaku's fearsome Four Sword Style and Devil Fruit-enhanced techniques put him on a different level than Jabra (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Jabra has his 2180 Doriki and a boost from his Dog-Dog Fruit, whereas Kaku has his slightly better Doriki of 2200, and much more: He can count on his Ox-Ox Fruit - which not only boosts him but also massively improves his fighting style - plus his Four Sword Style, and a completely new final attack.

A testament to the difference in strength, every One Piece fan does remember Kaku's tower-slicing Rankyaku, which displayed a feat comparable to Rob Lucci's ship-cutting Rankyaku. On the contrary, most cannot recollect any of Jabra's moves, which pale in comparison.

Doriki wasn’t the reason Kaku & Lucci were strong enough to be able to make it into CP0 it was their HAKI…That doriki scaling panel literally means nothing post-timeskip. Start scaling characters based on their Haki

Unsurprisingly, the way they are portrayed throughout the One Piece series is completely different. Jabra is merely a strong agent within CP9, while Kaku is put on an even higher pedestal.

Among the entire CP9, Jabra included, only Lucci and Kaku were entrusted with a unique mission. Lucci had to guard Nico Robin, while Kaku was tasked with protecting the keys to her handcuffs. This implied that their strength was greater than their colleagues, regardless of the sum of their Doriki.

@Khaled71697764 Kaku's Rankyaku Amanedachi would annihilate Jabra, no wonder the latter feared that
No wonder Kaku was clearly portrayed as Lucci's right-hand man while Jabra is UNRELEVANT

One Piece author Eiichiro Oda especially emphasized the duel between Kaku and Zoro, with the Tower of Law shaking under the power unleashed by their clash. In comparison, the battle between Jabra and Sanji wasn't highlighted at all.

Kaku was promoted to CP0 along with Lucci, and was consistently portrayed as his right-hand man. This further establishes that Kaku is a character on a different level than Jabra.

Final Thoughts

Having become masked agents of CP0, Lucci and Kaku are certainly much stronger than they were in their CP9 days (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

Taking into account only a portion of the abilities of a character, the Doriki system appears to be significantly unreliable in One Piece. The Kaku and Jabra case is the perfect demonstration of the many flaws in this measurement.

Not including his swordsmanship or his newfound Devil Fruit, which gifted him with new techniques and a new powerful final move, Kaku's Doriki didn't fully represent his abilities. Hence, it seems reasonable to assume that the difference in strength between Kaku and Jabra is much greater than the gap suggested by the number of their Doriki.

In fact, no technique in Jabra's arsenal does even remotely compares to Kaku's Sky Slicer Rankyaku. The comparison between those two was a stepping-stone to promote the idea of Sanji being close in strength to Zoro during the Enies Lobby Arc, but it clearly appears to be a completely flawed argument.

The Doriki system used only once only proved that Kaku was physically superior than Jabra despite being a swordsman not a brawler,it is to assume that Kaku get significantly stronger with his swords. #onepiece #cp9

Instead, the comparison between Kaku and Jabra highlighted that Doriki is not a reliable power level system. By only focusing on starting physical prowess without considering other assets such as Devil Fruits and weapon techniques, the Doriki measurement can't properly gauge how strong One Piece characters are.

Unsurprisingly, after its introduction during the Enies Lobby Arc, the Doriki system was never mentioned or used again throughout the One Piece series. This further established its failure as a reliable power measurement system.

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