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In every regard, Zoro is widely considered one of the best One Piece characters (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

One Piece: Zoro's 10 best outfits, ranked

Roronoa Zoro is a master swordsman who supports One Piece's main character, Monkey D. Luffy, as his loyal right-hand man. Zoro is the second strongest individual in the Straw Hat Pirates right after Luffy, and acts as the crew's first mate.

Luffy and Zoro's connection resembles the one between "Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh and the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger. To honor a promise made to his childhood friend Kuina, Zoro aims to become the 'World's Strongest Swordsman,' surpassing even Dracule Mihawk.


Fiercely determined in battle and sincerely devoted to Luffy, Zoro is a fan-favorite. While his apparel changes depending to the arc, he never forsakes his bandana, his three swords and earrings, and his green haramaki. Follow this thread to see the ten best outfits that the "Pirate Hunter" has worn in One Piece.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the One Piece manga for anime-only viewers.


Roronoa Zoro's 10 best designs throughout One Piece, ranked from the most average to the coolest

10) Sabaody Archipelago

Zoro in his Sabaody Archipelago outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

The Sabaody Archipelago Arc introduced the Eleven Supernovas of the Worst Generation, the top rookies from nine different crews who have all chosen one of the Grand Line's various routes. Within the Straw Hats, only Luffy and Zoro are part of the infamous Worst Generation.

Zoro's outfit for the arc was very basic, only featuring an opened white and red striped shirt, as well as his typical haramaki, trousers and boots. Still, it suited Zoro very well, as it emphasized his appearance as a rough pirate.


9) Arabasta

Zoro in his Arabasta outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

The Arabasta Arc was a swing of emotions, as the Straw Hat Pirates helped the princess Nefertari Vivi to protect her country from Crocodile's Baroque Works. To better fit the conditions of the desert nations, the Straw Hats all received new costumes.


Zoro's desert-themed outfit featured a long-sleeved black-and-white patterned cloak and an orange keffiyeh in addition to his usual haramaki, trousers and boots. During the battle with Mr 1, Crocodile's strongest subordinate, Zoro removed his cloak and keffiyeh to wear his typical bandana.

8) Fish-Man Island

Zoro in his post time skip outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

During the two-year time skip, Zoro's appearance changed notably. He increased his muscle mass and gained a massive scar over his left eye, becoming more and more similar to Silvers Rayleigh, his counterpart from the older generation. His attire also changed a bit, becoming more akin to Rayleigh's.

Zoro kept his trademark haramaki, trousers and boots, as well as his bandana, but started wearing a long monochromatic coat held on his waist by a sash, into which his three swords are tucked. For the Straw Hats' adventure in Fish-Man Island, Zoro's coat was dark green, while the sash was red.

7) Typical attire

Zoro in his original outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Before joining the crew, Zoro was already well-renowned and feared in the entire East Blue as the "Pirate Hunter" for his work as a bounty hunter. During these days, and even after his first meeting with Luffy, Zoro used to wear a white shirt, greenish-black pants, black boots, and a green haramaki.

When Zoro puts on his bandana on his head and unsheathes his three swords, his determined spirit seems truly emphasized. He reutilized this clothing in the Thriller Bark Arc, which fans will always remember for the epic "Nothing happened" moment, in which he put his life on the line to save Luffy from Bartholomew Kuma.

6) Onigashima (beginning)

Zoro in his Onigashima outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

When the Straw Hats and their allies raided Onigashima to free Wano from Kaido's tyranny, Zoro's outfit was very similar to his Fish-Man Island one but with different colors, as the long coat over his haramaki, trousers, and boots was black. It was held by a red sash which also carried his swords, including the new blade, Enma, in place of Shusui.

The apparel gave Zoro an even more threatening look, and his battle performance reflected it, as he fought at Luffy's side against the Emperors. Zoro was able to block Big Mom and Kaido's combined attack, and showcased attacks strong enough to notably hurt the latter. He even left Kaido with a wound that resulted in a deep scar, paralleling Oden's feat.

5) Wano Country

Zoro in his Wano outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

As the Straw Hat Pirates tried to blend with the natives of Wano, Zoro was assigned to play the role of a ronin. He started going by the alias of "Zorojuro" and changed his outfit into a typical samurai attire, with the haramaki being the only thing that remained unchanged.

Zoro's traditional Japanese-inspired set of clothes included a white yutaka held by a blue sash on his waist, a dark green haori with a sun pattern, and a pair of zori. He also had a chonmage hairstyle which further emphasized his appearance as a true samurai.

Under this attire, Zoro reunited with Luffy, and wreaked havoc by overpowering fellow Supernovas Basil Hawkins and Killer, the latter under his "Kamazo" identity. After agreeing to return Shusui to "Sword God" Ryuma's grave, Zoro was entrusted another powerful blade, Enma, by Hiyori Kozuki, the daughter of the weapon's original owner, Oden Kozuki.

4) Punk Hazard

Zoro in his Punk Hazard outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

On Punk Hazard, Zoro was dressed like in Fish-Man Island, with a long dark green coat held by a red sash all over his typical haramaki, trousers, and boots. Having to protect himself from Punk Hazard's cold weather, Zoro pulled a white furry coat over his other clothes. This additional detail made the swordsman radiate an even more charismatic aura.


3) Onigashima (end)

Zoro shirtless in Onigashima (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

After the fight between Worst Generation and Emperors, Zoro started fighting against King, Kaido's strongest subordinate. During the heated battle with the Emperor's right-hand man, Zoro pulled down his black coat, remaining with his bare chest.

This shirtless aspect exalted Zoro's muscular body, which made sense as he was fighting a Lunarian survivor with considerable physical might. This look is also featured in the iconic scene where Zoro, after unleashing his Advanced Conqueror's Haki, declared himself as the "King of Hell".

2) Egghead

Zoro in his Egghead outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

During the Straw Hats' staying on Vegapunk's island, Zoro started wearing a dark coat, gloves, a dark full body jumpsuit with the SSG logo, and a pair of DOM Shoes. This attire gave Zoro an extremely cool cyberpunk-like appearance, with the detail of his three swords held on his back by a belt being pure swagness.

1) One Piece Film Z

Zoro in his One Piece Film Z outfit (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Zoro's coolest outfit dates back to One Piece Film: Z, where the green-haired swordsman wore a stunning red cape on top of a dark red coat, a green sash, dark trousers and boots. The cape really emphasized Zoro's charm, highlighting his threatening presence.

One Piece author Eiichiro Oda personally designed the costumes of the Straw Hat Pirates for the movie. Within the entire crew, only Luffy and Zoro were dressed with the red cape, which foreshadowed their attitude as Conquerors and pointed out their unique connection, as the captain and his loyal right-hand man.

Final thoughts

A powerful fighter with a deep sense of honor, Zoro is one of the most iconic One Piece characters. His appearance reflects his ferocious determination, as his body bears several scars, mainly symbols of his battles with Dracule Mihawk, the World's Strongest Swordsman.

Zoro using his latest power up, as seen in One Piece episode 1062 (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Some elements of Zoro's look have remained a part of his design ever since his debut in the series. Among them is his green haramaki, a typical and yet functional samurai clothing that led Vivi into calling the green-haired swordsman "Mr Bushido".

Zoro keeps a black bandana tied around his left bicep, and puts it on his head when fighting seriously. He once said that upon putting the bandana on his becomes more powerful. While this may have been a metaphor, when Zoro wears this cloth his focus and determination are certainly enhanced.

Along with his green hair, the three blades are Zoro's most distinguishing trait. He never ceased carrying the Wado Ichimonji, a precious memento of his childhood friend Kuina, while the other two swords have varied over time. On his left earlobe, Zoro wears three gold earrings, as a reference to his Three Sword Style.

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