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  • One Punch Man chapter 197 Spoilers and raw scans: Sonic betrays the Tenin to help Flashy Flash
One Punch Man chapter 197 scans show Sonic fighting Flashy Flash (Image via J.C. Staff).

One Punch Man chapter 197 Spoilers and raw scans: Sonic betrays the Tenin to help Flashy Flash

One Punch Man chapter 197 is coming out this Thursday, and there are already some raw scans of the events taking place, mostly focusing on the battle between Flashy Flash and Sonic. While Saitama and Blast go to another place to find out what happened to "That Man," Flashy Flash accepts Sonic's invitation for a battle, with the chapter ending on a cliffhanger.

It's going to be interesting to see how One Punch Man chapter 197 goes in terms of direction, although the raw scans seem to suggest a greater focus on the battle between the two ninjas. Hopefully, there is also going to be a greater focus on the character of Empty Void, especially considering the explanation that took place in chapter 196.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for One Punch Man chapter 196.

One Punch Man chapter 197 raw scans show the fight between Flashy Flash and Sonic taking place

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The previous chapter of One Punch Man had been quite interesting in revealing a bit more about both Blast and Flashy Flash's pasts and how they connected with one another. This was particularly telling with Blast because it showed a bit of how morally gray he can be and how that actually had an impact on Flashy Flash's origins, much to everyone's surprise.


It turns out that Blast had been the one to destroy the ninja village, the assassins' formation place, where Flashy Flash and Sonic grew up as friends. And even though Blast didn't seem very proud of what he did, Flash spared him, saying that he made the right call, and then they began to talk about "That Man," who could have been given powers by "God."

However, as they are discussing this, they get an invitation from Sonic to fight, which is something that Flashy Flash agrees to. This ends the chapter on a cliffhanger as Flash and Sonic relive their childhood together for a moment before engaging in battle.

Flashy Flash and Sonic (Image via Shueisha).

One Punch Man chapter 197, at least based on what is shown in the scans, is interesting because it shows Sonic fighting Flash at first and then eventually betraying the Tenin in order to help him out. It could represent a turn for the character of Sonic, whose morality has been somewhat gray throughout the series, and also a representation of his friendship with Flash.


However, it's also worth pointing out that the raw scans of One Punch Man chapter 197 don't show the entire chapter itself, so it is hard to tell how the story is going to move. There is also very little focus on the characters of Saitama and Blast, although it could be intentional to dedicate the chapter to the two ninjas.

The most interesting part about One Punch Man chapter 197 is how this is going to affect the character of Sonic moving forward or if he is going to be on borrowed time now. After all, he has been close to death a couple of times in the series, so it is going to be interesting to see what happens now.

Sonic has been a fan favorite for quite some time in the series, so this chapter could be a pivotal moment for his character if ONE and Murata play their cards well on this one.


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