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Crow Girl and Aqua Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Shueisha, Doga Kobo)

Oshi no Ko Chapter 127: Aqua ends '15-Year Lie' cast search by scouting Crow Girl

With the release of Oshi no Ko Chapter 127, fans may have finally gotten a hint about Crow Girl's existence. While fans believed that the entity was supernatural, the developments in the latest chapter suggested that the Crow Girl was a normal person with supernatural abilities.

The previous chapter saw Ichigo Saitou return to Strawberry Productions. While Ruby was happy about Ichigo's return, the former president revealed that he was tricked by Aqua. Later, Ichigo helped Miyako with Ruby's work schedule and asked her to keep a close eye on Aqua.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Oshi no Ko chapter 127: Gotanda struggles to find a child actress

Kana Arima as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

Oshi no Ko chapter 127, titled Scouting a Girl, opened with Miyako sharing the details about the 15-Year Lie movie's filming schedule. With script reading and costume fittings set to take place soon, the cast members needed to be prepared for the filming, which was set to begin a week after the script reading.


Additionally, Miyako also revealed that the filming was scheduled to end by the third week of August, with an extra week's worth of days as wiggle room.

However, that wasn't all, as Kana Arima's graduation performance from B-Komachi was scheduled for the end of August. Hence, the extra days were to be used for its practice. That's when Ichigo revealed that Kana's graduation had been postponed until the end of the year. Even Kana conveyed that she did not want to cause trouble for everyone.

Taishi Gotanda as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

Right after, Taishi Gotanda arrived at Strawberry Productions with the final script for the movie. Upon going through the same, Mem-Cho started worrying about her acting skills. However, Kana reassured her that her skills would suffice for her role, given that she had years of experience portraying herself as a high-schooler.


That's when they noticed that one of the characters did not have a cast member assigned to them. Upon enquiring about the same with Gotanda, he revealed that he needed a child actor who was capable of blending well with the adult actors. However, finding such a talent wasn't easy. It allowed Kana Arima to boast about her past success as a child actress.

Aqua Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko chapter 127 (Image via Shueisha)

Elsewhere, Aqua could be seen walking through a field when the Crow Girl interrupted him. Aqua instantly got irritated by her and asked about her goal. She revealed that it was her objective to lead people to their right destinies.

Following that, Aqua further inquired about the Crow Girl's existence, thinking she was a god. While she did not claim to be God, the Crow Girl revealed that similar to others, her mother gave birth to her. Upon hearing this, Aqua asked her if she knew how to act and if she would join the film crew.

Crow Girl as seen in Oshi no Ko chapter 127 (Image via Shueisha)

The Crow Girl believed that Aqua was being disrespectful to her. Thus, she threatened him that she would manipulate his soul if she was pushed further. Nevertheless, Aqua further taunted her, claiming that she was making excuses due to her lack of acting skills. Finally, Crow Girl agreed to join the crew and was introduced to the people at Strawberry Productions.

Final thoughts on Oshi no Ko chapter 127

Oshi no Ko chapter 127 finally gave fans a chance to learn more about the Crow Girl. While she has been a recurring character in the series, fans have not had the chance to learn about her properly. However, with her addition to the cast of 15 Year Lie, fans could possibly learn more about her existence and powers.

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