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  • Oshi no Ko Chapter 127 spoilers and raw scans: Aqua recruiting Crow Girl brings her existence into question
Aqua and Crow Girl as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo, Shueisha)

Oshi no Ko Chapter 127 spoilers and raw scans: Aqua recruiting Crow Girl brings her existence into question

With the spoilers for Oshi no Ko Chapter 127 out, fans witnessed Aqua recruiting Crow Girl as a child actor for Gotanda's film. While Gotanda was worried about not having recruited a child actor for the film, Aqua went out of his way to recruit the mysterious girl as part of the film's cast.

The previous chapter saw Miyako bringing Ichigo back to the Strawberry Productions. While Ruby was happy with Ichigo's return, the former President revealed that he was tricked by Aqua into coming back to the company. Later, Ichigo helped Miyako fix Ruby's work schedule.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 127 spoilers: Aqua recruits Crow Girl as a child actor

Miyako Saitou as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Shueisha)

Oshi no Ko Chapter 127 is set to open with Miyako Saitou sharing the details about the "15 Year Lie" movie filming. The film's cast was set to begin script reading and costume fitting soon. A week after that, the shooting was planned to start. The filming was planned to finish in the third week of August. Additionally, they had set a week aside as a contingency.


Right after that, Miyako reminded everyone about B-Komachi's live tour, which was set to feature Kana Arima's graduation from the idol group. Given that the graduation day was set to coincide with one of the lesson days, they needed to make appropriate arrangements for the same.

Just then, Oshi no Ko chapter 127 spoilers saw the film's director Gotanda arrive with the movie's completed script. Upon seeing the final script, Mem-Cho became a bit worried, however, Kana Arima reassured her that she would do a good job as she was already good at acting like a teenager despite her age.

Kana Arima as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

As Kana was going through the script, she noticed that one of the actor's names was blank. Gotanda revealed that there was a child role in the film that he was trying to find a cast member for. However, his efforts had all been in vain till now. As expressed by him, finding a child actor capable of blending well with the other actors was difficult.


Kana Arima immediately began basking in her past glory, given that she was a wonderful child actor.

Oshi no Ko chapter 127 spoilers then shifted its focus to Aqua and Crow Girl. While Aqua was busy thinking about the film, Crow Girl arrived to interrupt him. Aqua got irritated and asked her about her goals. Without revealing much, the Crow Girl stated that she was to act as a guide for people to reach the right destiny.

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Aqua was led to believe that the Crow Girl was like a God, however, the Crow Girl pushed the agenda that Aqua himself could be considered a God, given that he had memories from his past self. Aqua instantly changed his question, asking her if she had any family members. Crow Girl revealed that she was also born from a person and had a normal child's body.

Upon hearing this, Aqua asked the Crow Girl if she would be interested in playing the child role in the film. Crow Girl believed that it was an inappropriate question for her as she had no reason to meddle with the filming. She had the power to transfer a person's memories into an infant and manipulate a person's soul with a flick of a finger, hence Aqua's attempts at negotiating seemed disrespectful to her.

However, Aqua did not back down and taunted Crow Girl by claiming that she did not know how to act, which was the reason why she was trying to change the topic. Upon being offended by the claims, Crow Girl agreed to join the film's cast as a child actor. Following that, Aqua brought her to Strawberry Productions.


Final thoughts on Oshi no Ko chapter 127 spoilers

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Oshi no Ko chapter 127 spoilers left fans with a huge question, i.e., whether Crow Girl is a real person or not. While fans were led to believe that she was a mystical being, she agreed to work with Aqua and others for the movie. Additionally, she revealed that she had a normal child's body and a parent who gave birth to her, further confirming her existence as a normal person.

That said, Oshi no Ko chapter 127 spoilers also revealed that the Crow Girl had special powers, thus leaving fans to question her existence.

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