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  • Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 spoilers and raw scans: '15-Year Lie' script reading sees Ruby become Ai
Aqua, Ai, and Ruby Hoshino as seen in Oshi No Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 spoilers and raw scans: '15-Year Lie' script reading sees Ruby become Ai

With the spoilers for Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 having come out, fans witnessed all the cast members of '15-Year Lie' gather together for the script reading. This allowed fans to see what each cast member was set to play. Moreover, it allowed everyone to see Ruby don Ai's role.

The previous chapter saw Gotanda finally finish the film's script and express how he had yet to cast a young actor for the movie. Elsewhere, Aqua encountered the Crow Girl and asked her to join the crew. While she rejected the proposal at first, Aqua managed to taunt her skills enough to force her into it.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Oshi no Ko chapter 128 spoilers: '15-Year Lie' script reading reveals all the cast members

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Oshi no Ko chapter 128 spoilers opened with the cast members having gathered for the script reading for '15-Year Lie.' Ruby was set to play Ai Hoshino, while Aqua was set to play Hikaru Kamiki. Ruby was very excited to see everyone as she knew that it was a huge job for Strawberry Productions. That said, she was wary of Crow Girl as she did not understand her goals.


That's when Crow Girl revealed that she was chosen to play 'Child Role A' and 'Child Role B,' which were basically the childhood roles of Aqua and Ruby. Additionally, she revealed that her stage name was Tsukuyomi.

Around the same time, Mem-Cho met Frill Shiranui for the first time in her life. Mem was nervous about meeting Frill, which is when Frill revealed that she was Mem-Cho's fan in her activities as a YouTuber and a B-Komachi member. As the two greeted each other, the manga revealed that Frill was set to play the role of Airi Himekawa, mother of Taiki Himekawa, while Mem-Cho was set to play the role of Meimei, a B-Komachi member.

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In the meantime, Akane and Kana had their reunion. While Kana initially seemed irritated by Akane Kurokawa standing next to her, she was fine later. Given that they had acted with each other since a very young age, they were certain that others saw them as good friends, however, that was far from the truth. The manga revealed that both Kana and Akane were set to play the role of B- Komachi members, Nino and Takamine, respectively.


Elsewhere, Melt and Taiku Himekawa met each other after a long time. Melt was set to play the role of Gorou Amamiya, while Taiki was going to act as Seijuurou Uehara. Following that, Producer Kaburagi Masaya finally began the script reading for the film. During the script reading in Oshi no Ko chapter 128 spoilers, Gotanda was shown expressing his concerns.

Gotanda wasn't sure from where Aqua brought Tsukuyomi, however, she seemed the same to him as Aqua when he was young. Additionally, he seemed to have an issue with the final line of the film. Apparently, the line was directly derived from what Ai had said in the DVD handed to Aqua by Gotanda. While they did go with their interpretation, Gotanda had his doubts about the same.

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After the script reading ended, Kana Arima praised Aqua for his script writing. Regardless of the fact that Gotanda made his corrections, Kana believed that Aqua had done a good job. The manga then revealed three more cast members. Jean Tomato was going to play Miyako's role, Ayame Tomo was set to act as Ryosuke, the obsessed fan, and Mita Norio was going to play Ichigo Saitou's role.

Oshi no Ko chapter 128 spoilers then saw the cast members check their costumes. That's when Ruby approached others after donning Ai Hoshino's wig and costume, shocking everyone with her resemblance to the famous idol.

Final thoughts on Oshi no Ko chapter 128 spoilers

Oshi no Ko chapter 128 spoilers saw the cast members finally check out their costumes. With that done, fans can expect them to begin the filming in one of the next chapters. For now, it is difficult to say if the manga series will showcase the entire filming or skip over it entirely. That said, the manga will be on a break next week.

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