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Aqua, Ruby, and Ai Hoshino (Image Via Sportskeeda)

Oshi No Ko: Did Aqua solve the mystery of Ai Hoshino's death? Explained

Oshi no Ko, the popular manga and anime series created by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari, follows the lives of Aqua and Ruby Hoshino, twins who were reincarnated as the children of well-known idol Ai Hoshino. The manga has been serialized in Weekly Young Jump since April 2020 and has an anime adaptation that premiered in April 2023.

Oshi no Ko depicts the dangerous and dark side of being a fan and an idol. It also demonstrates the twins’ and their mother’s love and fidelity and their struggles with their identities and futures.


Uncovering the mystery of Ai's death in Oshi no Ko

Just watched Oshi no Ko. I've always taken issue with how the idol industry and fandoms worked as a whole, so to see it covered in this anime is directly appealing to me. Also, to wrap it in an actual murder mystery? Genius.

One of the main mysteries of the series is the identity and motive of Ai Hoshino’s killer, who also murdered Aqua’s previous incarnation, Gorou Amemiya, a doctor who helped deliver the twins. Aqua, who retains his memories of his past life, vows to find and kill his father, who he suspects was involved in Ai’s death.

Aqua joins the entertainment industry in pursuit of the truth behind his father’s identity and also to find the killer responsible for the death of Ai and his former self. Years pass as Aqua and Ruby move further up in the industry, trying to uncover this mystery.


When Akane Kurokawa, Aqua’s girlfriend at the time, attended the Japan Film Awards after winning the ‘New Actor Award,’ she received flowers from someone resembling Aqua.

She finds out from Toshirou Kindaichi that the sender of the flowers was a former theatre actor from Lalalie Theatrical Company and is now the owner of a production company. After watching a footage of the former actor, Hikaru Kamiki, Akane was convinced that he must be Aqua and Ruby’s father.

However, she decides not to tell Aqua of this finding and looks into Kamiki on her own. But Aqua eventually finds out because he has been shadowing Akane’s movements with a tracker he secretly implanted on one of her personal items. This incident strains their relationship, and they have an argument about it, which ends with Aqua breaking up with Akane to seek revenge against their father.

Give Akane the Oscar now. Look at how fast she made our boy Aqua's head turn

Anime:【OSHI NO KO】

Currently, in the storyline, Aqua has already figured out his father’s identity and starts to plan his revenge for his mother’s murder. Fans will have to wait and see as the story unfolds to reveal what the author has in store for its characters.


More about Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 have been delayed to June 7, 2023.

Instead a compilation episode will air.

Oshi no Ko is a critically acclaimed drama, mystery, and supernatural manga that follows the lives of Ai Hoshino, a talented and beautiful idol who is adored by her fans, and her twin children, Aquamarine and Ruby, who are reincarnations of a countryside gynecologist and his patient who died on the night of Ai’s delivery. Oshi no Ko explores the entertainment industry’s dark side and the themes of reincarnation, showbiz, and family.

The plot begins with Gorou Amemiya, a gynecologist and fan of Ai Hoshino, who becomes pregnant at the age of 16. Gorou secretly delivers her twins but is murdered on the night of the delivery by a devoted admirer of Ai, who later commits suicide.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 119 hits so hard. I like how the author still want to show the past life of Aqua (Gorou) and Ruby (Sarina).

Gorou is reincarnated as Aqua, Ai’s son, retaining his memories of his previous life. Aqua’s twin sister, Ruby, is also a reincarnation who was hesitant to admit her original identity as one of Gorou’s patients, who got him interested in Ai in the first place.

Critics and fans have praised the series for its original and captivating story, its surprising and emotional twists, and its realistic and relatable characters. Oshi no Ko is available to read on Manga Plus and Yen Press websites. The anime adaptation can be streamed on HIDIVE.

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