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Ragna Crimson Episode 10 Release and Streaming Details (Image via Silver Link Studios)

Ragna Crimson episode 10 release date and time, what to expect, and more

In Episode 9 of Ragna Crimson anime, a compelling flashback unveils Starlia's decisive actions against treason. The present-day narrative intensifies as Crimson attempts to deceive Starlia, leading to a battle of wits.

The episode seamlessly explores themes of love, duty, and extraordinary powers. With the introduction of new characters and intense clashes, it becomes a pivotal juncture in the saga, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next thrilling developments in this epic anime adventure.


Ragna Crimson Episode 10 to be released on December 2, 2023

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Episode 10 of the anime series will be released on Sunday, December 3, 2023, at 1 am JST. The release schedule across different regions is as follows:

Time ZoneDateDayTime
Indian Standard Time (IST)December 2, 2023Saturday9:30 pm
Central Time (CT)December 2, 2023Saturday11 am
Pacific Time (PT)December 2, 2023Saturday9 am
Eastern Time (ET)December 2, 2023Saturday12 pm
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) December 2, 2023Saturday4 pm
Central Europe Time (CET) December 2, 2023Saturday6 pm

Where to watch Ragna Crimson Episode 9?

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Ragna Crimson, the captivating anime series, is now accessible for streaming on HIDIVE, featuring subtitles for an immersive viewing experience. The storyline revolves around Ragna's determined mission to vanquish the dragon menace, promising viewers an engaging journey.

What adds an exciting dimension to this release is the possibility of an English-dubbed version in the future. This potential dubbing offers fans an alternative way to savor the series. To catch all the episodes and seamlessly switch to an English-dubbed format, enthusiasts can easily navigate the user-friendly website or utilize the convenient HiDive app across various devices.

Recap of Ragna Crimson Episode 9

A snapshot from Episode 9 of the anime series (Image via Silver Link Studios)

In Episode 9 of Ragna Crimson, a flashback reveals Starlia Lese's past encounter with Lieutenant General Pereiro, whom she kills for plotting a coup. In the present, Crimson attempts to deceive Starlia, but she sees through his lies. Starlia, explaining her ability to sense true nature, detects a dark mass from Crimson.

She orders her men to fight him, but Ragna intervenes. Starlia's unusual reaction is attributed to Ragna's strength and his fusion with a silver sword. In a flashback, Starlia's tutor informs her that her marriage engagement is canceled due to her dedication to wordsmith activities.

Starlia Lese as shown in the Ragna Crimson anime series (Image via Silver Link Studios)

Locked in a cell, Ragna and Crimson discuss their issues. Crimson restores Slime, and Starlia's men debate what to do with them. Starlia's obsession with Ragna becomes evident. Nazarena scolds Starlia for neglecting her leadership duties due to love. Starlia promises to fulfill her responsibilities.

The episode transitions to Ultimatia apologizing to her god and realizing a decline in her powers. Her god, revealed to be her sister, questions why she failed to protect her. Ultimatia wakes from the nightmare, acknowledging the diminishing extent of her powers.

What to expect from Ragna Crimson Episode 10

In the upcoming episode of the anime series, viewers can expect heightened tension as Starlia Lese's personal conflicts take center stage. Her conflicts seem to stem from her canceled engagement and growing obsession with Ragna. The locked cell situation for Crimson and Ragna prompts evolving dynamics between the characters, offering considerable potential for significant character development.

Ultimatia, the main villian of the anime series (Image via Silver Link Studios)

Additionally, Ultimatia's realization of her weakening powers introduces a sense of vulnerability, promising new developments in the anime's storyline. The episode is poised to deliver pivotal moments, exploring the consequences of the characters' choices and shaping the current trajectory of the narrative.


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