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  • Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 2: Sasuke, Sakura, and Meno face off against an army of dragons
Sakura, Meno, and Sasuke (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 2: Sasuke, Sakura, and Meno face off against an army of dragons

In Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 2, readers will see Sasuke and Sakura continue their fight against the dragons resurrected by Jiji and Zansul. They no longer have to be concerned about the prisoners, who have all reached safety and can thus fight much more freely. With their enemies' identities revealed, the duo, along with Meno, will seek to end the conflict as soon as possible.

In the previous chapter, Sasuke was seen back in action, fighting the dragons. He also rushed to save Sakura and heal her after she became paralyzed by Jiji's poison and got trapped beneath the debris of a tower.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

In Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 2 the final battle between the Uchiha couple and Zansul and Jiji begins

Sasuke and Meno fight dragons

Meno (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 2 begins with a series of panels establishing that Sasuke will be fighting Zansul and Sakura will be fighting Jiji. Meno decided to take part in the battle by confronting a fully matured beast of his own species.

While Sasuke is beheading a group of dragons, Zansul remarks on how easily the Tyrannosaurus will defeat Meno. But Jiji, who understands chakra, corrects him, saying that by forming a bond with Sasuke, Meno has become far more powerful. Jiji's words soon come true as Meno triumphs.

Sakura causes a ruckus

Sakura as seen in the anime (Image via Pierrot)

In Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 2, Sakura demonstrates how skilled a fighter she is in hand-to-hand combat. She punches a dragon so hard that it tears down the Tartar Observatory's western perimeter wall. This catches Zansul's attention, and he confidently states that he will be able to handle things with Sasuke and Meno, and asks Jiji to deal with her. Jiji rides a dragon and follows her as she runs past the boundary, thinking she is going to escape.

Zansul sends forth his army

Zansul (Image via Studio Pierrot)

In Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 2, Zansul appears to be irritated that Meno, whom he had resurrected, had switched sides. He would not allow this, and he would not let Sasuke ruin his plans. He summoned all the dragons in the vicinity, including the giant resurrected with Ultra Particles, to attack the Uchiha and his dragon friend.


A quick recap of Sasuke Retsuden chapter 8 part 1

Sasuke and Sakura (Image via Pierrot)

Sasuke guessed in the previous chapter that Jiji was working with Zansul. But after seeing the main tower collapse under the weight of the giant dragon resurrected by Jiji using the Ultra Particles, he became restless. The Uchiha then rushed to free Sakura from under the debris.

While Sasuke rescued and healed an unconscious Sakura, Zansul ordered Jiji to execute the inmates at the Tartar facility before flying to Redaku's capital to meet with the Prime Minister. In return, Jiji asked him to keep his word and give him access to the remains of his beloved.

The chapter concluded with Sasuke using Susanoo to defeat a herd of dragons.

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