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Shangri-La Frontier manga and all the details about it (Image via C2C).

Shangri-La Frontier manga: Where to read, what to expect, and more

The Shangri-La Frontier manga recently got a boost from the new C2C anime adaptation, so it makes sense that some people would want to give the source material a chance. Author Katarina, the person responsible for the novels that inspired the manga, shows what happens when a gamer surpasses all challenges and needs a new one, which, for protagonist Rakuro, is the goal of getting into virtual reality.

The great thing about the Shangri-La Frontier manga is the fact that it combines a bit of sci-fi with fantasy while staying true to the medium's classic focus on action. Rakuro ends up being a very solid main character because he has a very clear idea: that there needs to be a new challenge, a new thing to be excited about out there, and he wants to pursue it.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Shangri-La Frontier manga.

All the details about The Shangri-La Frontier manga


Where to read

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The good news for those who want to give the Shangri-La Frontier manga a chance is that there is a very simple path through Kodansha's manga app, known as K Manga. The publisher created this app so people could download it and read all the manga they have released, which naturally includes this one.

On the other hand, if there are people out there who want to get their hands on the manga's physical copies, Amazon is always the best way to go. Some volumes are there as physical copies, although people can also buy the entire series on Kindle.


What to expect

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The Shangri-La Frontier story takes place in the near future where virtual reality has become the norm when it comes to video games. However, protagonist Rakuro Hizutome loves what people call "old trash games," which are the more traditional kind of video games. Rakuro not only thoroughly enjoys these games, but also ends up beating most of them with ease.

However, after Rakuro beats all the games at his disposal, he doesn't know what to do. Eventually, the owner of his favorite game store recommends him to give virtual reality a chance. This is how he ends up in the Shangri-La Frontier game: a virtual reality video game that takes place in a fantasy setting. Rakuro relies on the abilities he learned with old-school videogames to survive in this digital world.

In many ways, it could be argued that the Shangri-La Frontier manga from this point onwards follows some isekai tropes. This is because the world of this video game is vastly different from the one Rakuro lives in, but that doesn't matter to him as he takes the name Sunraku and engages in this virtual reality game, where there are 30 million players. Naturally, he makes several allies and enemies along the way, making his progression and development feel all the more tangible to the reader.


Final thoughts

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The Shangri-La Frontier manga will get a lot more attention in the coming weeks because of the anime adaptation and rightfully so. It is a very solid manga with a strong premise and fun world-building that makes Sunraku's journey all the more enjoyable.

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