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Celebration for Spy x Family fans (Image via Wit Studio/Cloverworks)

Spy x Family season 2 release date and key visual revealed

Good news for fans awaiting the second isntallment, Spy x Family season 2's release date and key visual dropped on May 28. The release date of October 1, 2023, has been confirmed, and a couple of key visuals have been released across Twitter and the official Spy x Family website.

The official announcement dropped for Spy x Family season 2 on the Spy x Family website, which was later posted on Twitter. The post contained the release date plus two key visuals marking what will be covered in the Cloverworks-headed anime.


Spy x Family season 2 is added to the fall 2023 anime season lineup

Release date and new key visuals

Spy x Family season 2 key visual

As mentioned earlier, according to the official website, the release date for Spy x Family has been slated for October 1. There are new key visuals showing what will be covered. Prior news and speculation pointed to the Cruise Adventure arc, a Yor-centric pile of episodes that will help solidify her comment to the family.


The first key visual is a cross between the family, with Loid and Yor on opposite sides and Anya and Bond in the middle. This is a good bit of symbolism, considering how the trio hides their private lives from each other. It also serves as a good premier on the series - the Mom is an assassin, while the Dad is a spy.

The second one is more Anya-centric, showing off various moments that includes her failing to study, Yor's terrible cooking, and bonding with Bond. This is a wholesome picture for those who love Anya since she's practically recognized as being the Spy x Family mascot.

What to expect

The main trio of Spy x Family (Image via Cloverworks/Wit Studio)

Spy x Family season 2 has yet to release any plot descriptions, but it's likely the second season will cover Yor's cruise adventure and build up to many of the other arcs involved in the manga that is yet to be adapted to anime.


This can mean everything from the WISE arc, which shows Loid's past, to an arc involving Yor meeting Damian Desmond's mother, Melinda. Since the prior season wasn't able to include either arcs, there's plenty of reason to believe that this upcoming season should have more than enough to cover that many again.

As Spy x Family season 2 begins to near its release, one thing remains crystal clear - the lives of Anya, Loid, and Yor are about to change. Anime fans will have to stay tuned as the show gets closer to release time.

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