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Naruto is a formidable opponent (Image via Naruto Anime)

10 most powerful attacks in Naruto

The 10 most powerful attacks in Naruto are not easy to determine as there are several world bending justus. However, what exactly are jutsus and their expanding categories?

Jutsus are manifestations of one's chakra, which correlate with the balance of Yin and Yang in certain Tailed Beasts. Regular shinobi have the ability to regenerate chakra over a specific period of time so their ninjutsus breed larger results.


For example, Minato performed a sealing ritual called Reaper Death Seal in order to trap Kurama in the belly of the God of Death. However, since his chakra consumption had spiraled downwards, he focused on separating Kurama's Yin and Yang properties, thus trapping half into Death and the rest into Naruto.

10 most powerful attacks in Naruto include Amaterasu, Rasengan, and more


1) Rasengan

Naruto using the Rasengan (Image via Naruto Anime)

The Rasengan is a ball of literal chakra that cumulates in the palm of a shinobi. Designed after the Tailed Beast Ball, this jutsu is a concentrated mass of pure chaos and destruction.

It's akin to a globe of water in which the chakra acts as a replicant of steady liquid that is continuously being rotated.

2) Chidori

Sasuke using the chidori (Image via Naruto Anime)

An offshoot of the Rasengan, the Chidori is a concentration of lightning particles which forms in the palm of a shinobi. A large amount of chakra is required in order to produce an adequate form.


It can cause immense pain to its intended victim, though the wielder can only aim in a straight line, thus creating a blind spot. If one manages to overcome their blind spot, they'll strike their foe with a strong electric blast.

3) Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei

The Edo Tensei is very powerful (Image via Naruto Anime)

Edo Tensei is a very specific summoning ritual that involves summoning the dead. To invoke this, a living sacrifice is required so the dead can possess it. However, if one's soul is not in the Pure Land, they cannot be reincarnated.

Once summoned, the dead can be directed to perform any number of acts, such as attacking fellow shinobi or trying to overtake the various nations in the world.

4) Bansho Tenin


The Bansho Tenin can pull targets toward it at will, in an unprecedented rate if the flow of chakra is efficient enough. The pull amount is dependent on the wielder and can make or break a jutsu if incomplete.

Multiple targets can be pulled at once if one has enough chakra reserves stored, though this connection can be broken if concentration is interrupted.

5) Shinra Tensei


Shrinra Tensei is an offshoot of the Rinnegan and is similar to Bansho Tenin. However, it works in reverse of Bansho as objects get pushed away from the shinobi. Other ninjutsu such as Amaterasu can be pushed away as well as other shinobi.

However, it can only be performed by those who have perfected all five nature transformations. If not, it is nearly impossible to perfect this jutsu.

6) Susanoo


Mangekyo Sharingan’s strongest ability, Susanoo, is a powerful jutsu that manifests as a living chakra that fights on its users' behalf. In its weakest form, it will not shield the user, though this can be counteracted with higher chakra control.

Adept Sharingan users can envelope themselves in the Susanoo and perform other jutsu while still maintaining control.

7) Amaterasu


Amaterasu is a fire-based dojutsu and the highest form of Fire Release. It's black flames are said to originate from the underworld and will consume anything it comes into contact with.

Its flames are so deadly that it will not stop burning until its intended target has either burned to ashes, or the wielder dissolves it.

8) Amenominaka


This jutsu allows the user to alter space time and force alternate dimensions into their respective environments, no matter the circumstances. It is an exhausting jutsu nad if one uses it too much, they may grow exhausted.

A reality-warping jutsu, it's capable of changing the terrain of the land into ice, fire, or whatever one chooses it to be.

9) Reaper Death Seal


The Reaper Death Seal is a deadly ninjutsu that involves summoning death itself in order to consume the soul of its victims. To perform this ninjutsu, one must do the necessary hand signs in order for a shinigami to arise.

Once summoned, the shinigami can be directed to consume the soul of a target, but not without a price. It will eat the summoner’s soul as well, so whoever performs this ritual is as good as dead.

10) Tengai Shinsei


To achieve this jutsu, one must be in possession of a Sharingan and they must also have a summoned Susanoo in attendance. Then they and the Susanoo must perform three hand seals simultaneously until giant meteorites fall from the sky.

These attacks are so deadly they can be felt from miles away. An intended target can be completely devastated by such an attack and recovery is nearly as important.


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