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The protagonist and deuteragonist of Kakegurui (Image via MAPPA)

Top 10 best Kakegurui characters

In a series as wild as Kakegurui, there is no shortage of popular and fun characters. It's not a series that's huge into storytelling, but there's no denying that most of its cast can be a joy to watch. The characters each have distinctive personalities, with several of them having different motivations and continuing to evolve as the series progresses.

Kakegurui is a popular anime on Netflix with several mangas. This listicle is primarily about the Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler, and it won't focus on Kakegurui Twin or other similar spin-offs.


The 10 most entertaining characters in Kakegurui

10) Itsuki Sumeragi

Itsuki, treating Kaede to some apple slices (Image via MAPPA)

Itsuki is one of several antagonists that Yumeko eventually befriends. When she first debuts, viewers see her as the daughter of a wealthy president of a toy company. She advertises the company with a set of cards, which she can conveniently also use to cheat with, based on a hidden design element that Yumeko would point out to the audience.


After her loss, she was kicked out of the Student Council and was unable to acquire Yumeko's fingernails as she so desired. Interestingly, she would later painfully remove her own fingernails in a wager on Yumeko's behalf against Kaede. That gamble would eventually be her own livelihood, but Yumeko pulled through in the end.

Yumeko's victory basically put Kaede's life plan in her hands, although viewers would later find out that she had a crush on him this whole time.

9) Kaede Manyuda

A confident Kaede (Image via MAPPA)

When Kaede first debuts, he's shown to be cold and calculating. He's one of the few prominent male characters in Kakegurui, although still on the lower rung of importance compared to characters like Mary or Kirari. Still, he's overly ambitious and wishes to become the Student Council President.


Unfortunately for him, he loses a severe gamble to Yumeko, effectively putting his life in Itsuki's hands. His hair somehow turns white, but that hasn't stopped him from being as logical as ever. He would later have another important role gambling with Yumeko, Itsuki, Miroslava, and Ibara in the Greater Good Game.

He showcased his intelligence during that game when he deduced that Miroslava and Itsuki were conspiring against the rest of the crew. The last time he was relevant was after Itsuki lost a side-bet, which left him conflicted because she wanted to see him win either way.

8) Yumemi Yumemite

Yumemi is a pop idol who wishes to become a Hollywood star (Image via MAPPA)

Yumemi is a pop idol with her own crowd of overzealous fans who would do anything for her. It didn't even matter to them that she despised them and only wished to become an idol to propel her career into superstardom as a famous Hollywood actress.

To her credit, she is able to recognize every fan of hers. She also has a brief reunion with Yumeko in Kakegurui xx, where the two of them face off against Yumemi's role model, Sumika Warakubami. Yumemi still wants to be a Hollywood star, even if it's clear that she wasn't on Sumika's level.

Yumeko and Yumemi beat Sumika in the end. Yumemi might have been a two-faced idol at first, but she eventually got humbled after her gamble with Sumika.

7) Midari Ikishima

Midari is unquestionably the biggest degenerate on the show (Image via MAPPA)

It's hard to forget Midari's presence in Kakegurui, for better or worse. She's an absolute degenerate who fantasizes about self-harm. However, she also has some similarities to Yumeko in that money is of no importance to them when it comes to gambling.

After her loss to Yumeko, Midari begins to feel attracted to her. Unfortunately for Midari, Yumeko has no desire to acknowledge her due to Midari's tendency to rig games to lose (thus eliminating the risk Yumeko loves). There are several scenes where Yumeko humorously ignores Midari, which brings some much-appreciated light-hearted depth to her character.

She's also the main protagonist of the manga, Kakegurui Midari, which also focuses on her more disturbing side. Still, fans love her, and there are some nice scenes in the manga that add more depth to her character.

6) Ririka Momobami

Ririka is often seen with this mask on (Image via MAPPA)

Although Ririka looks nearly identical to her twin sister, her mask helps make her stand out as a separate character in Kakegurui. She's a very quiet and demure character, with many fans of the series loving her for her friendship with Mary. That friendship is what helped a once overly dependent character turn into an independent woman with more confidence.

It was unfortunate for her that she was destined to become a mere shadow of her sister because of a silly dice game. They do have a good relationship as siblings, and their near-identical looks make it easy for one to pretend to be the other. Ririka's evolution as a character definitely makes her seem more humane than her sister.

5) Ryota Suzui

Ryota making quite the gamble (Image via MAPPA)

Ryota was Yumeko's first friend in Hyakkaou Private Academy. In a cast full of devious and outlandish characters, his simple straight man routine can be surprisingly refreshing in Kakegurui. Ever since she paid off his debt, he began to follow her around, often trying to warn her not to partake in a dangerous gamble.

Of course, Yumeko ignores his advice at every turn. Still, he genuinely likes her and is more than willing to gamble alongside Mary against Miyo and Miri Inbami (with Yumeko's life at stake). He trusts Mary with everything in this game, and the Inbami sisters end up losing.

He might largely be a minor main character, but he's an easy character to like. Plus, the live-action version of him is over-the-top in a funny way.

4) Kirari Momobami

Kirari is the Student Council President (Image via MAPPA)

The Student Council President is, unsurprisingly, one of the best gamblers in all of Kakegurui. She seems to be a villain at the start of the series, but her better side is highlighted more as the series progresses. Examples of this would include her sweet relationship with her twin sister, Ririka, and her romantic intentions with Sayaka.

Aside from that, she is the one who created the housepet system and is obsessed with the idea that the school is like a fish tank, where the bigger fish eat the smaller ones. She didn't even flinch when Midari stabbed her own eye with a pen, let alone care about any student who lives on one of her life plans.

Like Yumeko, Kirari is obsessed with gambling.

3) Ibara Obami

Ibara is an honest man in a world full of liars (Image via MAPPA)

An honest man in a family of swindlers is quite the paradox. In Ibara's case, he simply can't tell a lie. He might look like a stereotypical punk, but he's a genuinely nice guy who has to play a facade for the sake of his family. Fortunately for him, Rin is more than capable of lying for him.

Of course, Rin was using him this whole time. When Rin is pushed to the bottom and out of the election, Ibara is still willing to be a bro and stands up for him. He's definitely the most likable of The Hundred Devouring Families and also comes across as likable next to the main cast of Kakegurui.

2) Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko might look innocent at first glance, but she's a compulsive gambler of the worst kind (Image via MAPPA)

The main protagonist of Kakegurui is undoubtedly an interesting character. She seems innocent, but she actually ends up corrupting everybody she gambles with due to her sheer degeneracy as a gambler. She lives for the risk of a gamble and doesn't care about money or anything else in these games.

It genuinely doesn't matter what the risk is. In fact, she would get irritated if the game was rigged to not have a risk, and this is evident in how she treated Midari due to the latter's actions in their first game together. She's incredibly astute and can tell when somebody else is cheating. Not only that, but she often relies on dumb luck to get through, even if this combination of traits would put her in a bad position.

Yumeko is a wild card, so fans of Kakegurui will often be left entertained, even if it's predictable that she will win against most other characters. She also has some fun interactions with other characters when the cast isn't gambling.


1) Mary Saotome

One of Mary's most iconic moments (Image via MAPPA)

Most of the academy students come from wealthy families, but Mary is just a regular girl who got in with a scholarship. She's neither on the Student Council nor The Hundred Devouring Families, yet she's still one of the best gamblers in all of Kakegurui. She might have some standard Tsundere traits, but she's still a character that's fun to watch.

Mary debuts as an antagonist in Kakegurui, loses to Yumeko, and then becomes a deuteragonist. It's quite a wild journey seeing her go from a bully to a house pet to an ally, and that's not even mentioning how she's the main protagonist of Kakegurui Twin.

It is also sweet to see her accept Ririka as an ally in Kakegurui, not to mention her friendship with the rest of the cast.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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