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Boruto as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Twitter loses it as Kawaki kills Boruto in episode 292

The Code arc of the Boruto anime, which debuted earlier this year with episode 287, was highly awaited because the anime had not adapted any manga content in over a year. Furthermore, the arc introduced a new set of adversaries, notably the seemingly unbeatable cyborg twins.

Episode 292, titled Hunger, which was released on March 19, 2023, has really wowed fans who have taken to Twitter to express their appreciation for the same. The episode featured some of the best action and a startling but fantastic conclusion.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Twitter loses it after Boruto anime redeems itself with perfect ending and animation

Boruto epidode 292 manga-anime comparisons🥶

Fans have frequently criticized the Boruto anime for the poor quality of its animation, especially because fans feel Studio Pierrot has the resources to improve the series. Numerous times, viewers have been let down by episodes full of still images, horribly staged fight sequences, and uninspired facial expressions.


While it may not be comparable to some other shounen fight sequences, the latest episode of the Boruto anime has provided the welcome change that everyone had hoped for. It not only has some of the best battle scenes but also includes a darker color palette of the arc that fits the storyline's mood.

Here are some Twitter reactions to the most recent episode:

Kawaki rightfully had the best shots of the episode, and they did justice to the clash as well #boruto292 #Naruto
boruto episode 292 really made my day!!
I'm enjoying the hell out of Episode 292! It's already on my 3rd watch now. Best EP in a long while! It's fantastic from start to finish! I also love the changes they made! Sorry to those who can't enjoy it like I do! Enjoyment 10/10 Critical Score 8.5/10 #BORUTO #Boruto292
just watched boruto 292, was the first boruto episode since two years. 10/10 adaptation tbh. They improved it more. felt like five minutes.
Boruto Next.Gen e.292 fight sequence (Boruto vs Kawaki) is crazy good. Levels above the usual.

Wow. Currently my 2nd best fight sequence of the Boruto series. 1st best would always be Naruto Sasuke team up against Momoshiki.

Can't wait for the next episode.

Boruto episode 292 was easily one of my top 5 boruto episodes.

Idk what many of yall talking about but they did a great job on this episode and I'm definitely not disappointed 🤩
Hiroyuki Yamashita is nearly unmatched when it comes to intricately choreographed close combat.
His sequence from Boruto #217 is still one of my favorite pieces of action animation ever, so I can only hope we'll be similarly blessed with Sunday's #292.

Fans also appreciated how the scene where Borushiki and Kawaki fought bears a resemblance to Naruto and Sasuke’s confrontation.

Boruto #292 payed homage to Naruto and Sasuke's final battle 🤩


However, some viewers have not been swayed in the same way that others have.


Ep 292 : 6/10 imo
Feels empty + Lack umph

- SMALL parts of the fight looks OK
- Ending is OK

- Kakashi v Obito downgrade
- Felt non impactful
- OST felt off
- Lazy & rushing shit
- Kawaki awaken karma felt meh
- Next time don't believe the "leakers" fully

The young Uzumaki's death at the end of the episode was quite well-executed and perhaps the best part. It is emotional, but it also showcases how far both the young Uzumaki and Kawaki are willing to go in order to protect their loved ones.

Boruto death scene 🥺 “I’m sorry, Dad. Give my best to Mom and Hima.” And the despair look on Naruto face says it all. What a great and emotional ending to amazing episode. 10/10
you got naruto crying over boruto’s death and 2 seconds later you hear the sickest guitar riff ever

Fans now hope the same quality will be maintained in all future episodes.

A brief summary of episode 292

Kawaki kills Boruto as seen in episode 292 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

In episode 292, Momoshiki was confirmed to have taken over the young Uzumaki's body, and a fight began between him and Code. Code attempted to protect himself by taking Kawaki hostage, but Momoshiki shot him with a compressed Rasengan. Later, when Kawaki assaulted Momoshiki, the latter threatened to break his arm, but Naruto and Shikamaru arrived in time to stop that from happening. Shikamaru might have kept Momoshiki restrained, but Code intervened and gave the Otsutsuki an opportunity to exact his revenge.

Momoshiki was about to kill Naruto with a massive Rasengan when Kawaki activated his Karma and absorbed the attack. Amado had rebuilt Kawaki’s Karma while repairing his arm, and it only required a trigger, which Momoshiki and Code had acted as.

Next, Kawaki told Naruto that he would go to any length to stop Momoshiki and would have killed the Otsutsuki if the Hokage had not intervened. It became very clear that although Boruto was Naruto's son, Kawaki believed that Momoshiki needed to be stopped as soon as possible in order to keep him from harming Naruto. Thus, after regaining control of his body, when the young Uzumaki specifically instructed Kawaki to kill him, the latter acted without hesitation.


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