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Apocalypse being too happy about the results in Undead Unluck episode 10 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Undead Unluck episode 10 review: The results are in!

Undead Unluck episode 10 was released on December 7, 2023. It served as a breather episode after the craziness that was the Spoil arc, and also after episode 9. That being said, it brought a brand of craziness to the table, especially considering how long it took to do the Quests assigned by Apocalypse.

As the clock struck midnight on September 1, 2020, everyone in the Union gathered to listen to Apocalypse's rendered judgment. The book doled out the results in turn to each of them. The rewards were instantaneous, but things didn't go perfectly.


Undead Unluck episode 10: Results and consequences

Quest results, rewards, and penalties

Results and Rewards (Image via Sportskeeda)

Since its introduction in episode 5, Apocalypse has been a rather enigmatic book for Fuuko and Andy. It doles out quests that they complete and then something in return as a reward. Each Quest has a set number of participants and a separate reward for every participant.


The successful quests were as follows:

  1. Quest 1 was the capture of UMA Burn, which succeeded and added an 11th seat to the Roundtable instantly.
  2. Quest 2, UMA Eat capture, which succeeded and granted the location of Negator Unburn in Hawaii.
  3. Quest 3, UMA Language neutralization, which succeeded and unified all the world's languages into English.
  4. Quest 4, UMA Past capture, which succeeded and granted the location of the Rebellion artifact in the Middle East.
  5. Quest 5, capture UMA Spoil, which succeeded and granted the location of the Unrepair Negator in South America.

Quest 6, the capture of the Negator Unseen, failed, as Andy explained that the agents they sent after him were all found having bled to death. The Negator was seen bleeding and captured before the opening of Undead Unluck episode 10. The consequence was the addition of the UMA Galaxy as a penalty.

As stated in prior reviews, there are no stars in space or other planets aside from Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. This UMA is vomited out of Apocalypse's mouth and a new Rule is added upon its summoning immediately: The summoning of the Milky Way Galaxy and all the stars and planets in the universe.


Galaxy's consequence: Alien invasions and Juiz's Unjustice revealed

The UMA Galaxy added, aliens, and Unjustice in Undead Unluck episode 10 (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Undead Unluck episode 10, the audience gets a full picture of the positives and negatives of a UMA. The last UMA, Spoil, not only added the rule of things spoiling before they die, but was also an active threat given that it zombified the town of Longing, Nevada, and threatened to do the same to the entire world.

The Galaxy UMA is massive, and nowhere to be seen when the Union arrived in Australia. As the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy concluded, the effects became known to everyone: Days of the week were added, myths and constellations were added. As Undead Unluck episode 10 shows, the negative effect was alien invasions.

An alien race named the Acks was invading Earth to use as their new home planet. Their leader made their intent clear: either Earthlings would be their slaves or wiped out of existence. Juiz chose neither and revealed her ability: Unjustice. She coldly used it to cause the Acks fleet to decimate each other, their leader running, after being warned to never set foot on Earth again.



Ragnarok (Image via Sportskeeda)

The term Ragnarök should be familiar to Norse mythology buffs, Marvel comics fans of Thor, or God of War fans. Put simply, it's the Norse apocalypse where all the gods engage in a final clash where all the realms are flooded and burnt to the ground and the reborn world is only populated by two human survivors.

This is relevant to Undead Unluck episode 10, as Juiz reveals why they fight against Apocalypse and his Quests and Penalties: Around the same time Apocalypse was found, a stone tablet was found with him. There are 101 slots in the tablet and the word Ragnarök is at the end.

To that end, Fuuko, Andy, and Tatiana are tasked with retrieving the Negator Unrepair. Undead Unluck Episode 10 starts the Unrepair Arc this way, with the new trio now tasked with finding the 11th member of the Union and bringing them in.

As the preview shows them in lavish clothing and states Rio de Janeiro as their next destination, the clock begins ticking for another three months before another penalty is brought into play.


Final thoughts

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Undead Unluck episode 10 is a good breather from the events of the prior two arcs. It's a set up of the consequences, shown in real time, should the protagonists fail to complete all the Quests assigned to them. The UMA Galaxy doesn't seem to have any further consequences other than the foiled alien invasion and days of the week, and myths, added to the world.

Whatever the heroes end up doing next, Andy's goal remains the same: die the most glorious death. Fuuko's is to learn and live as a normal person. The recruitment of Unrepair should help them along that journey, though one never knows if things are going to get worse before they get better.

They will need to figure out how to stop Apocalypse and the UMAs from being added sooner rather than later. as Undead Unluck episode 10 shows that even the most benign or wonderous seeming Rule can have a devastating impact.

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