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Victhor and Juiz clash in Undead Unluck episode 9 (Image via David Production)

Undead Unluck episode 9 review: Victhor vs. The Union

Undead Unluck episode 9 was released on November 30, 2023. The action-packed conclusion to the Spoil Arc saw Victhor squaring off against The Union, per the ending of episode 8. As Victhor fights against the organization, Fuuko is forced to intervene before either side destroys the other.

Episode 9 of Undead Unluck features a long fight scene that serves as an epilogue to the Spoil arc. The audience gets to see what Victor is capable of, and likewise, what the abilities of the members of the Union are when things get truly serious. It takes a lot to fight Victhor, and Fuuko will see the biggest Unluck event ever recorded take place there.


Undead Unluck episode 9: Victhor fights everyone

Undead Unluck episode 8 recap

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Undead Unluck episode 9 picked up where episode 8 left off with Victhor surrounded by The Union and fighting against Juiz. The previous episode saw the heroes triumph against the UMA Spoil but also unleashed something even more difficult to put down than the zombie-making UMA.


Shen stood his ground against Spoil rather well, using the distance granted to him by the Nyoi-Kinko bo staff, akin to Goku's Power Pole or Sun Wukong's bo staff from Journey to the West, and his Untruth ability. This couldn't last forever, so Andy and Fuuko formulated a plan. It involved sucking all the moisture out of Spoil to stop it's ability to kill them.

The eventual plan was to throw Spoil into space. The trio banded together to get Andy and Spoil into space, with the former throwing away the card in his head. While this led to Spoil's defeat at the hands of Victor and Andy's suppressed persona, it also led to a huge problem as Victor is not keen on going back inside Andy.

Victor is a rather nasty individual, as he's cold, ruthless, and obsessed with the thrill of the fight. He easily dispatched Spoil, swatted Shen aside as easily as swatting a fly, and was going to kill Fuuko if not for the Union arriving in at nearly the last minute and Andy fighting from the inside. His abilities are twice those of Andy's, with his healing being absurdly fast and being able to clone himself better.


The chaotic fight against Victor

The chaotic Victhor vs. Union fight in Undead Unluck episode 9 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The opening blows in the fight against Victor, or Victhor as the Union dubs him, started in episode 8 with everyone blocking his Parts Bullets shots and Tatiana trying to box him in, to no avail. Juiz engaged in a sword fight with him before he decided to stop playing one vs. one and shot clones of himself out to hit them all.

It took every one of the Union's members fighting hard against the clone torsos, leaving Juiz to solo his main body. She wasn't even using her ability, simply fighting him sword to sword with a fire-infused blade courtesy of the UMA Burn. Victor kept matching her blows but couldn't land a solid hit.

Undead Unluck episode 9: Fuuko leaves and returns (Image via Sportskeeda)

Top had to dash Shen and Fuuko out before running the latter back since she seemed to have something of a plan. She became convinced that she could make Andy's original personality retake its place. The idea of hugging him so a big spot of Unluck could take place quickly dissolved, but she was able to convince Juiz not to kill him.

What followed was a further chaotic rumble of all the members of the Union from Billy to Top, fighting off the clones while Fuuko tried to get Andy's personality out of Victor's deadly control. It's not an easy task, considering he keeps targeting her and the other members have to save her.

The biggest Unluck event ever

Fuuko's determination in Undead Unluck episode 9 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Andy is brought back via Fuuko by her shooting the open wound where the card was, shoving her fingers into that space, and demanding that Andy fight back against Victor. She helped bring Andy back by saying all of it would lead to the biggest Unluck event ever recorded.

Fuuko was not kidding about the size of the Unluck event. It involved multiple meteor strikes that destroyed the town of Longing, Nevada, and caused the surrounding water to evaporate for a moment at the epicenter. Fuuko risked her life to get Andy's card back inside of him, ensuring Victor was sealed away once again.

Undead Unluck episode 9: Andy is back, the giant meteor storm (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Unluck event that transpired in Undead Unluck episode 9 was larger than episode 1's meteorite strike, the plane explosion in Fuuko's backstory, the underwater volcanic eruption in episode 3, or Gina's beam in episode 4. Fuuko's Unluck appears to be evolving, much like Andy's Undead ability upgraded after 200 years.

The multiple meteor rain in Undead Unluck episode 9 nearly kills Fuuko, Andy, and everyone else in the Union if they weren't so quick to run. Victor has only been held in place thanks to Shen recovering just enough to lift himself with the bo staff and hold him in place as the meteors rain down on the area and devastate it.

An emotional talk with Andy

Undead Unluck episode 9: Fuuko after the event (Image via Sportskeeda)

After risking her life several times, especially in Undead Unluck episode 9, Fuuko wakes up several days later, on August 31st, with Andy at her bedside and reading her favorite shoujo manga from beginning to end. Her first reaction to seeing Andy as himself again is to hit him in the face with her pillow.

After having a little bit of an angry spat with Andy, Fuuko confessed that she was worried about the former having hatched the scheme to unleash Victor with Shen without her being notified. It hurt her to know that, if all that had failed and Andy had truly died, she would've been alone.

Andy and Fuuko talk in Undead Unluck episode 9 (Image via Sportskeeda)

In turn, Andy reveals that her voice is the only thing keeping him alive inside Victor. Andy also calls her Fuuko for the first time. In addition, he also reveals Tatiana and the kids they saved took a liking to Fuuko, as demonstrated by a small bear plush Tatiana gave Fuuko and a drawing of sunflowers from the kids saying "to big sister."

Andy states that he believes that the good memories of the zombified teacher and them wouldn't spoil at all. It's a direct counter to Spoil's nihilistic view of life: that as long as people continue to move along and move forward, their memories and outlooks won't spoil.

Final Thoughts

Undead Unluck episode 9 ending happily overall (Image via Sportskeeda)

Undead Unluck episode 9 concludes with Andy and Fuuko joining the Roundtable for their post-Quest debriefing, with the latter even calling them looney but not lovebirds. Despite the rather intimate moment in Undead Unluck episode 9, Fuuko and Andy aren't in love yet.

What Undead Unluck episode 9 shows rather well is how deep the main duo's relationship has gotten since the start of the show. They've gone from strangers to close friends in very little time. It also showcases the biggest and most chaotic fight scene with every member of the Union having to team up to fight Andy's original personality.

Undead Unluck episode 9 seems like it's bringing the Spoil arc to a close, but ends before Apocalypse can tell them all what the results are. Fans will need to stay tuned to see what the next Quest the aspiring Union members will take on.

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