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What to expect from Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers?

With Black Clover chapter 350 set to be released soon, fans of the series are looking forward to the spoilers that drop days prior to its official release. Given that the previous chapter left fans with several questions surrounding Lucius Zogratis and the Paladins, the story has become quite intriguing now as fans hope to have a break-free experience in the upcoming weeks.

The previous chapter saw Asta fight Paladin Sister Lily while Ryuzen Seven Yosuga held off Paladin Heath Grice. Sister Lily revealed how she did try to kill Asta. However, moments later, she burst out claiming that she did not want to do it herself.


This made Asta realize that Lucius is only able to ingrain a common rule within his Paladins, following which he slashed Sister Lily using his Demon-Slasher Katana, hoping it returns her to normal.

Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers: Mushogatake Yosuga's fight against Paladin Heath Grice, and more

Sister Lily's fate could be revealed

Sister Lily Aquaria as seen in Black Clover (Image via Studio Pierrot)

As obvious as it seems, Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers will most likely feature Sister Lily's fate as Asta managed to slash her using his Demon-Slasher Katana. While it previously wasn't revealed to be an ability of the Demon-Slasher Katana to cut off the effects of magic spells, after Asta's fight with Paladin Yrul, it seems like Demon-Slasher Katana might have the ability to do so.

Thus, the upcoming chapter will reveal if Asta was successful or not. If Sister Lily returns to her normal self, she could most likely be traumatized by what she tried to do with Asta. However, given that Yuno is yet to even see Sister Lily as a Paladin, the chances of Sister Lily returning to normal right now seem low.

Lucius Zogratis as seen in Black Clover (Image via Twitter/@FrancoReviews)

Thus, Black Clover chapter 350 might feature some nerve-wracking events occurring as Lucius Zogratis might have used some form of additional spell to protect Sister Lily from returning to normal. The same might have been done to cause torment to Asta and Yuno, given their closeness to Sister Lily.


Mushogatake Yosuga's fight against Paladin Heath Grice could be the focus

Yosuga as seen in Black Clover (Image via Twitter/@Derxon2)

Given the number of important events happening week after week in Black Clover, Mangaka Yuki Tabata might want to pace things slowly so as to keep retaining the hype around the storyline.

Thus, Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers could feature Ryuzen Seven Yoshuga's fight against Paladin Heath Grice as fans may get to witness the strongest Ryuzen Seven member's strength against a Paladin.

So far, fans have only got to witness Ichika Yami's strength comprehensively and thus Yosuga's fight might be an interesting watch given that he is supposed to be the strongest Ryuzen Seven member. Fans may also find out why Ryudo Ryuya picked him to train Asta.


Black Bulls might drop in on the Land of the Sun

Nacht and Gimodelo as seen in Black Clover (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The last time fans got to see Nacht and the Black Bulls, he revealed that he was unable to detect Asta's presence, which could either be because he was teleported to another country or because he had passed away. The reason behind the same could be that Asta's lack of life force could be the reason why Nacht was unable to detect Asta at the time.

However, given Asta's Devil Union during his fight against Sister Lily, Nacht might be able to detect him, following which the Black Bulls might drop in on the Land of the Sun in Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers.


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