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The student council members as seen in the Charlotte anime (Image via P.A. Works)

Where to watch Charlotte anime? Streaming details explored

While it has been over eight years since the Charlotte anime was first aired, the anime series is still considered to be one of the best supernatural school drama series. Over the years, fans have demanded P.A. Works, the producer of the anime, for a second season. However, given that Charlotte is an original anime, the likelihood of a second season is low because the plot of the first season has already been wrapped up.

Many fans may have missed out on watching the anime when it was still ongoing. Additionally, many fans who did watch it may want to take a trip down memory lane. Considering the many years that have passed since the anime's airing, the streaming details for the Charlotte anime have been explored in this article.


Charlotte anime's availability may change based on your region

Where to watch the anime

Nao Tomori and Yusa Kurobane as seen in the Charlotte anime (Image via P.A. Works)

Charlotte anime is currently available to stream on multiple streaming websites, such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. However, its availability is subject to the user's location. While Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are available worldwide, the anime isn't added to the libraries of all countries.


As for Hulu, the streaming website is only available in the United States. Hence, the anime is only available to watch on the streaming platform in that country.

What is the Charlotte anime about?

Yuu Otosaka as seen in the Charlotte anime (Image via P.A. Works)

Directed by Yoshiyuki Asai, the 2015 Japanese anime, Charlotte, follows the series protagonist, Yuu Otosaka, a high school student who possesses the power to take over people's minds and bodies. Unbeknownst to him, he isn't the only character with an ability.

That said, the ability lasts for only five seconds. Nevertheless, Yuu manages to utilize the ability by using it to cheat his way to the top of the class and later at an entrance test at a prestigious high school. All in all, he is quite a dishonest person.

Nao Tomori as seen in the Charlotte series's first episode (Image via P.A. Works)

While he is a charming person and could have gotten a girlfriend by himself, he continued to use his ability to manipulate a girl into liking him. Fortunately, he was stopped by the headstrong student council president from Hoshinoumi Academy, Nao Tomori.

Tomori sees through his deceit and catches him in the act of cheating while giving a test. Through coercion and some help from fellow student council member Joujirou Takajou, Nao later convinces Yuu to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy and become part of the student council. Hoshinoumi Academy was secretly an institution created for students who possessed supernatural abilities, such as those possessed by Yuu Otosaka.

Yusa Kurobane, Nao Tomori, Yuu Otosaka, and Joujirou Takajou as seen in the Charlotte series (Image via P.A. Works)

As for the student council, they serve the purpose of locating people who abuse their powers for their own advantage. Thus, Yuu Otosaka joins the student council members and assists them in their council affairs.

The group identifies and locates new ability users who could potentially cause harm to people. However, during their investigation of their abilities, the group often ends up entangling itself in matters far more complicated than they could ever imagine.

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