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Deadman Wonderland (image via Studio Manglobe)

Where to watch Deadman Wonderland anime? Streaming details explored

Fans of action-horror anime are welcome to enter the grim world of Deadman Wonderland. The series is an adaptation of a manga written by Jinsei Kataoka, who also created the Eureka Seven manga. It has been published in Shonen Ace since 2008.

The plot involves the young boy Ganta, who is wrongfully convicted of killing his whole class and sent to a special prison known as Deadman Wonderland.


The series might not be a top-tier anime. However, one can still anticipate excellent animation and an interesting plot from Manglobe Studios, which also produced Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy. Deadman Wonderland is a great watch that will leave viewers wanting more because of its unique narrative, supernatural setting, and thrilling action.

Disclaimer: This article will contain spoilers for Deadman Wonderland anime and the character fates mentioned therein.


Where to watch Deadman Wonderland anime

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Fans can watch Deadman Wonderland on Crunchyroll. The viewers can enjoy the series in both subbed and dubbed versions. The anime has an average rating of 4.5 on the platform. If fans prefer to explore other streaming platforms, they can check out Funimation Now as well. However, fans will need to subscribe to such platforms to access the anime.

Fans can also check out other well-known streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Depending on the location and time, the anime movies and episodes may not be accessible for streaming on these services because they usually rotate their material.

Additionally, fans may get the series on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and Amazon for purchase or download. These copies usually include added features and material.

Fans cannot download or watch the anime series for free by any legal means. Fans may see it on unofficial websites, but we oppose piracy since it endangers the future of the series.


Plot of Deadman Wonderland

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A prison known as Deadman Wonderland sprang from the ruins of Tokyo after a huge earthquake nearly devastated the whole city. Deadman Wonderland, a secret theme park that accepts inmates from all around Japan and uses them as attractions for visitors, operates under the cover of recreational activity. The public is mostly unaware of the underlying objective of this theme park and the horrors that go on there.

The story focuses on Ganta Igarashi, a middle school student who has led a typical life after the massive earthquake. Everything changes when the mysterious masked assassin kills everyone in his class but spares Ganta and implants a red crystal shard into his chest, leaving him the only survivor. When he wakes up, he is wrongfully imprisoned for carrying out the atrocity, earning him a place in Deadman Wonderland.

All inmates in the jail are required to wear collars that inject fatal poison into their bodies, and the only chance to survive is to get the antidote pill called Candy. To withstand the poison, the prisoners must eat one candy every three days. By taking part in the facility's lethal games, the prisoner may collect Cast Points, the prison's money, which they can then use to purchase candy and other perks.


When Ganta arrives at the jail and learns that the Red Man, wearing a mask, is also present there, he decides to use the opportunity to clear his name by exposing the organization's illegal activities.

As the narrative progresses, Ganta gains blood-manipulating abilities as a result of the red crystal and turns into one of the prison's Deadmen, who all have the same abilities and fight each other to the death in the gladiator-style battles.

Stay tuned for more anime updates and manga news as 2023 progresses.

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