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Farming Life in Another World anime and all the details about (Image via Zero-G).

Where to watch Farming Life in Another World anime? Streaming details explored

The Farming Life in Another World anime was a direct result of the novel series by Kinosuke Naito and it is easy to understand why it has led to light novels, manga interpretations, and this series. Of course, this series is a straight-up isekai, with all the tropes and setups that it entails, but watching Hiraku's rise to become a major in this fantasy setting is both entertaining and hilarious.

While the future of the Farming Life in Another World anime is definitely uncertain as of this writing, there's no denying that the first season, which aired from January to March of this year, had its strong moments.


And considering that it only has 12 episodes, Zero-G's production deserves some attention, especially considering how it takes all the tropes of the isekai genre and makes them very enjoyable despite how much they have been used in recent times.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Farming Life in Another World anime.


Farming Life in Another World anime can be watched on multiple platforms


Where to watch

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While it is true that the Farming Life in Another World anime is not as known as other series out there, the good news is that there are some easy options to watch it online. The best options are, of course, Crunchyroll and HIDIVE, especially the former as it is widely considered the prime anime streaming platform.

On the other hand, the good thing about this series is that it currently has one season clocking at 12 episodes and already had an English dub.


This is perfect for people who want to give it a shot but don't know if this isekai series is meant for them; if they don't like it, they can drop it, but if they enjoy it and want more, there are several novels and manga to consume.

What to expect

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The series has a very similar premise to most anime of the isekai variety, with the main character, Hiraku, dying by accident in the normal world because, simply put, a god decided not to give him any luck.

However, as weird and funny as this event is, fate seems to play a card in Hiraku's favor and comes back to life in a fantasy setting, slowly rising through the ranks and becoming a town's major, which gives him a lot of benefits and also a lot of challenges.

As the Farming Life in Another World anime progresses, Hiraku is slowly building the community that is becoming this town and even has a variety of wives, which adds an element of harem anime to the series.

However, this harem is mostly a running gag in the story and even he doesn't know how he ended up in this situation, which seems to work as a contrast to his previous life where he had no luck whatsoever.


There are also several demons, animals, and humanoid species that Hiraku befriends along the way, which is something that also plays a role in this story.

While there is a lot of comedy in the series and the many classic tropes of the medium, the Farming Life in Another World anime also does a solid job of explaining what it takes for a community to thrive.

Final thoughts

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The Farming Life in Another World anime didn't reinvent the wheel or come up with a lot of different concepts, but took what was classic in the medium and made it work. The humor of this little isekai series is quite effective, and elements of community, which are not often shown in anime, are quite interesting to see in full force here.


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