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Parasyte anime and where to watch it (Image via Madhouse).

Where to watch the Parasyte anime? Streaming details explored

Despite the fact that the Parasyte anime's original manga, written by Hitoshi Awaaki, was published from the late 80s to the mid-90s, the series never got a proper anime adaptation until the mid-2010s.

The body horror, the amount of violence, and graphic images certainly didn't help this series, which is why the job Madhouse Studio did with the anime was praised so much.


Interestingly enough, it seems that the Parasyte anime did help the franchise because there were two live actions and a new manga afterwards, which shows a lot of interest for this cult classic. However, several years later, there is still a growing interest in Shinichi Izumi's journey and the arrival of the Parasites on Earth.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Parasyte anime.


All the details about the Parasyte anime

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The good thing about the Parasyte anime being fairly popular even to this day is the fact that there are several channels where people can watch it, so a search online is not that difficult.

Among the best options are Crunchyroll, Hulu, and HiDive. People can also go with the more commercial route and pay to download it on Amazon Video, which can be easier to carry around.

As mentioned earlier, the series was adapted by Madhouse Studio, most commonly known for classic anime like Death Note and Hunter X Hunter, and only has 24 episodes. This makes it a very compelling option for a lot of anime fans out there who want a series to binge in a couple of days.


What to expect

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The story takes place in a typical Japanese town and the main character is a teenager named Shinichi Izumi, who is one day attacked by creatures known as Parasites. They are beings that arrive on Earth and take over people's bodies by entering through their ears and noses, which leads to them having full control of the body and doing what they want.

This slowly marks the beginning of their invasion.

The interesting premise of the series is the fact that one of the Parasites attacks Shinichi while he is sleeping to take over his body but fails as the latter wakes up, ending up stored in his right arm. Shinichi eventually calls it Migi ("Right" in Japanese) and they develop a unique bond as his right arm can mutate in many different forms while both entities maintain their sense of individuality.

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The Parasyte anime shows several of Shinichi's battles and one of the major plot points is the fact that he is very different from other users of these creatures. His connection with Migi makes him a formidable fighter to the rest of the Parasites and that manages to play a pivotal role in the story moving forward.

Migi also allows Shinichi to gain a greater understanding of how the Parasites work and think, which is one of the biggest plot points in the Parasyte anime. The series dwells deep into these creatures' psyche and compares them to humans, making for some very interesting philosophical debates.

Final thoughts

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The Parasyte anime has a strong following and there is a very good reason for that: the plot is simple yet effective. It has a strong message, and the characterization is on point. Plus, the action is quite good and Madhouse did a solid job adapting several key moments from the manga.

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