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Ryuk, L, and Light (image via Studio Madhouse)

Which Death Note character are you, based on your zodiac

Anime beginners really shouldn't miss Death Note, which has gone on to become a classic in its own right. This anime touches on a wide range of philosophical topics. Light Yagami, a young fellow who is given the power to bring death to anybody he desires by merely scribbling their names inside a book, is the protagonist of this supernatural anime.

As the story progresses, Death Note delves deeper into the human condition. Many Death Note fans have a favorite character. But have you ever pondered who you resemble in the anime series? To better understand the characters, it's a good idea to examine their zodiac signs.


Which Death Note character are you, based on your zodiac

Aries: Mello


Aries is a boisterous zodiac sign, and Mellow is a tough competitor. Like Aries, his demeanor is laid-back and unassuming at first glance. The tenacity and ambition of Aries is well-known. As Kira kept getting the better of him, he began to lose his composure. Mello is prone to irritability, which is typical of those born under the fire sign. Mello has big goals and is prepared to go to great lengths to achieve them. Aries are known for their impulsiveness, and Mello is no exception.


Cancer: Rem

Rem, as seen in Death Note (image via Studio Madhouse)

Cancers are recognized for their compassionate and helpful nature, a far cry from the god associated with death. Despite Rem's innate murderousness, she is able to tap into the soothing energy of the Water sign because of her love for Misa Amane.


Sadly, Rem goes far in her concern for Misa, and as a result, Light manipulates her into giving her life to rescue Misa's.

Gemini: Light yagami


One of the most endearing qualities of a male Gemini is his quick wit. Due to their twofold temperament, they are very kind, yet this can only last so long. Charming, cunning, and crafty all at once, even to those who know him best, Light seems to be nothing more than an overachieving, exceedingly responsible adolescent at first look.

But underneath this courteous front hides a darker mentality, one whose warring lofty values and cynical contempt force him to resort to drastic measures. The Notebook that makes Light state that he intends on changing the world in whatever way possible. His high aspirations don't mean he can't be abrasive or cold.

Leo: Misa Amane

Misa Amane in Death Note (image via Studio Madhouse)

This sign's women are fierce and courageous. Leos are undoubtedly clever and immensely helpful in their approach. As a result of her work, Misa has become fairly well-liked. While being labeled as clueless by many, Misa is proven to have flashes of intellect. Because she has shinigami eyes, Misa can see the name and lifespan of a person just above their heads, making it much simpler for her to commit murders using the feared Death Note.

Taurus: Aizawa


Taurans seem to have enormous reserves of power and stamina. As a member of the Task Force, Aizawa is a well-respected intellectual. Considering how seriously he takes his job, it's little wonder he disapproves of Misa Amane's shenanigans. He chastises Touta over his irresponsible conduct. In light of the fact that Aizawa prefers to operate within the law while L often goes outside of it, L's regard for Aizawa is tepid.

Scorpio: Ryuk

Ryuk, as seen in Death Note (image via Studio Madhouse)

Scorpios are known for their ability to be quiet and even secretive, giving them an aura of enigma. Unlike other Shinigami, Ryuk doesn't just want to pass the time in Shinigami Realm, he wants to do something to alleviate his boredom, and he's unfazed by other Shinigami's mockery.

He considers Light as intriguing because of his trials and the breaches that he finds in the Death Note's laws and instructions, which sometimes lead to prowess that even Ryuk didn't realize. It doesn't matter to him whether or not Light lives or dies, and he makes no effort to help him.

Capricorn: L Lawliet


Capricorn people are rational, competitive, and diligent by nature. However, they may also be austere and depressing at times. Those born under the sign of Capricorn are linked to the element of Earth, this is understandable in how grounded they are in pursuing their objectives. Though he seems lazy and unkempt, L is a brilliant mind, even though many people doubt his talents when they see him.

In general, L is a skeptic who questions everything, he is also incredibly precise and analytical. He is an excellent problem solver because of his talent for deception and willingness to go to extremes. He used a risky technique with death row convict Lind L. Tailor, who pretended to be himself on live television to get Kira.

Saggitarius: Naomi

Naomi, as seen in Death Note (image via Studio Madhouse)

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for their unwavering loyalty, intellect, determination, and compassion. They are brilliant beyond their years. Because of their unique blend of independence, wisdom, and compassion, they are a lovely and loving character feature. Sagittarius people are known for their love of adventure and independence.

Despite her extraordinary investigative proficiency, Naomi left the FBI to establish a new life with her husband and sons in America. Naomi has a great deal of knowledge. She, however, succumbs to her emotions and loses her investigative savvy.

Virgo: Teru Mikami


Because they're so well-educated and well-rounded, Virgo people possess some of the best qualities. In the eyes of a Virgo, hard work is worth it. When it comes to a project, they're not afraid to throw their all into it, no matter how challenging it may be. Mikami is devoted to Kira, believing him to be his god. Mikami has grown up with solid values of justice and truth. Similar to Light, he despises crime and has a strong desire to punish the perpetrators. Having a rather black and white perception of people, he goes so far as to describe everyone he encounters as either virtuous or wicked.

Pisces: Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada, as seen in Death note (image via Studio Madhouse)

Kiyomi is a smart and elegant young lady, but she is, at times, split between choices. It's not uncommon for Pisceans to waver between their desire to make a difference in the society and a desire to retreat into the safe havens of their own minds. Similarly, Kira's values inspires Kiyomi, who joins News 6 as a representative for Kira. Viewers worship her as a deity because of her beauty and elegance. As a result of Kiyomi's self-confidence, she feels that Misa is not worthy of the Light.

Aquarius: Near


Despite his intellect, Near lacks cultural skills and is terrible at dealing with people. Once he has the unwavering support of his colleagues, he can show off his actual logical talents. Near, like Aquarians, has a calming influence. Even to the extent of only taking cases that he feels personally invested in, Near is revealed to admire L's tactics greatly.

It is common for Aquarians to embrace their originality and inventiveness, even if it means that they stand out in an unconventional manner. Like L, Near exhibits a wide range of peculiar behaviors in the course of his daily activities, which is evident in the above mentioned trait.

Libra: Watari

Watari, as seen in Death Note (image via Studio Madhouse)

There are times when Librans are a touch too mellow and laid-back for their own good. Despite that, they are often hard workers who get to the pinnacle of their fields. Likewise, Watari, the Wammy's House founder, is also a well-known innovator in Death Note. He constructed an orphanage for kids with unique skills with the riches he acquired as an inventor. Like L, he uses a "W" to symbolize himself on computer displays. Since L's stay at Wammy's House, Watari has always been a parental figure to L.

That is all from our end. Do let us know who you identify with in the comments section.

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