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Princess Vivi as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Why Nefertari Vivi must come back in One Piece chapter 1101, explained

One Piece chapter 1101 is expected to return to the current timeline, after an in-depth exploration of Kuma and Bonney’s backstory. So far, readers have seen significant revelations, including the horrifying event that took place at God Valley and the circumstances that led to the establishment of the Revolutionary Army.

At the same time, the situation is also quite tense at Egghead Island, where Gorosei Saturn has made an appearance. Amid these developments, it is crucial not to forget about Princess Vivi of the Alabasta Kingdom, who has been on the run since her father's assassination.


It is likely that she will need to fulfill an important duty before the impending showdown between Luffy and Saturn. Thus, seeing her in One Piece chapter 1101 should not come across a surprise.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for One Piece chapter 1101.


One Piece chapter 1101 is the ideal time for Princess Vivi to return

Karoo and Princess Vivi as seen in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

Readers of Eiichiro Oda's manga were quite surprised when they discovered that the full name of one of the earliest allies of the Straw Hats, Princess Vivi, is Nefertari D. Vivi. This revelation is expected to play a significant role in future developments, and it might be the perfect time for Vivi to reappear and lay out the way ahead in One Piece chapter 1101.

As fans know, Vivi had accompanied her father to the Reverie at Marie Geois. There, Cobra had a meeting with the Five Elders, where he asked about Nefertari Lili, the queen of the Arabasta Kingdom during the Void Century. She was one of the twenty rulers who founded the organization known as the World Government.

However, unlike the others, she chose not to become a World Noble and relocate to Mary Geois, but instead decided to return to Arabasta, a journey she never completed.

Cobra sought answers about her fate, and the meaning of D. Imu had appeared unexpectedly and taken a seat on the empty throne. Thereafter, they had revealed that the D clan are the natural enemies of the World Government. Imu also accused Lili of scattering the poneglyphs across the world 800 years ago, either by accident or design.

Cobra as seen in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

Cobra had to disclose Lili's full name, Nefertari D. Lili, indicating that both Cobra and Vivi are part of the D clan. Sabo, who had been secretly listening in on this conversation, then attempted (but failed) to rescue Cobra. Cobra specifically requested him to inform Luffy and Vivi that they are part of the D clan, which settles their stance regarding the World Government.


Before his death, Cobra also revealed the contents of a brief letter written by Lili, which has been passed down through the Nefertari lineage for centuries. In the letter, Lili urged the protection of the Poneglyphs and the raising of the dawn flag against the world. The nature of this dawn is still unknown, but it is certain that the event has yet to occur.

Meanwhile, Vivi became a fugitive after fleeing from Mary Geoise with Walpol's help, hiding from Imu and the Five Elders, who are looking for her because of her ancestry.

X user @3SkullJoe speculates that since Vivi has been learning about the events at Egghead, it seems inevitable that she will arrive at the island with Morgans and Wapol. It is also expected that Vivi will board the Thousand Sunny at some point, probably at the end of the arc.

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While Vivi has been critical of Morgans' methods, especially after witnessing how Morgans spread false news about Luffy kidnapping Vegapunk, she might find the newspaper distribution system useful for disseminating the contents of Lili's letter.

Alternatively, as the fan theorist suggests, she could be given access to Punk Records to make a live broadcast addressing the world. Her speeches have proven to be persuasive in the past and might rile up the world against the World Government.

With the conclusion of Kuma’s backstory, the manga is set to return to the present timeline. The potential appearance of Vivi in One Piece chapter 1101 carries significant symbolism, especially as Luffy and Saturn are on the verge of a confrontation. Luffy has had several encounters with the World Government in the past, but this time, he is initiating a war against them by targeting one of the top-ranking Celestial Dragons.

Saturn will be seen in One Piece chapter 1101 (Image via Toei Animation)

If Vivi makes an appearance in One Piece chapter 1101, before the battle commences, or at least delivers the content of Lili’s letter, it will underscore that this war is not incidental, but a deliberate conflict between the sworn enemies - the World Government and the D clan.

All of this is still speculative, and Oda might decide to delay any further appearances of Vivi until the end of the Egghead arc, in his usual style. However, whenever the truth emerges, whether in One Piece chapter 1101 or later, it is bound to fan the flames of a revolution. Given that this is the Final Saga, this event does not seem too distant.

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