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Berserk anime and all the challenges that come with it (Image via Gemba).

Will there be any more Berserk anime? Adaptation potential of the series, explored

A Berserk anime is one of the greatest debates in this fandom and that is because there has never been an adaptation that has fully captured Kentaro Miura's masterpiece. While the 1997 adaptation of the Golden Age arc by OLM Team Iguchi is as good as it got in the anime department, it still left some points outside and that has been a running theme with this franchise: it is yet to receive the amazing adaptation it deserves.

After Kentaro Miura's tragic passing in 2021, the future of the manga was in doubt, but mangaka and friend of the late author, Kouji Mori, has now taken over writing duties. However, the possibility of a Berserk anime is still up in the air and there are a lot of reasons as to why it could happen and why it couldn't happen, with no certainty whatsoever about the coming years.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for a potential Berserk anime.

The difficulties and upsides of a Berserk anime


Why it couldn't happen

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One major complaint about a Berserk anime is that, after Miura's passing, it is never going to be the author's complete vision. This could be a problem for a lot of long-term fans who believed in Miura's storytelling and what he was doing with the manga, so adapting an incomplete story or continuing with what Mori is doing could be a bit divisive.

On the other hand, the art style is also a big reason for an adaptation not taking place. It is detailed and complex, and if a studio changes that, it could lose part of its charm. The manga also has extreme levels of violence, s*xual elements, and nudity that can't be fully adapted, and if that is taken away, the impact of some moments, such as the Eclipse, can be lessened.

There have been three attempts to adapt and make a Berserk anime over the years and only the 1997 series had an overall positive reception. The Golden Age movies and the 2016 anime had their fans, but the reception was mostly negative, with people expecting more out of them, which is something that could make some studios run away from this project.


Why it could happen

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A Berserk anime adaptation of the highest quality is something that the medium deserves and could be a perfect celebration of Kentaro Miura's life and career. While it would be a massive challenge, an excellent adaptation could take this series to the stratosphere and make it even more legendary, which is saying a lot, considering how popular it is despite never having an iconic anime.

Plus, despite the fact that none of the previous adaptations have fully worked, there is this constant desire to try to adapt the series. Therefore, it wouldn't be impossible to claim that another studio could try and give it a shot, considering how much material this series has (41 volumes, as of this writing) and how beloved it is worldwide.

Final thoughts

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A Berserk anime is always going to be a debate in the community and will probably continue to remain so until a studio comes around and gives the series the treatment it deserves. There are a lot of logical arguments that suggest that is never going to happen, but Miura taught readers to keep going no matter the odds.

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