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The NBA 2023-24 season saw 3 major offseason trades go down

3 NBA 2023-24 offseason blockbuster trades so far

The NBA 2023-24 offseason saw some blockbuster trades go down, with the whole concept of superteams being redefined. While some teams made smart moves to retool their roster, those with existing superstars added more muscle to their unit in their bid to become overnight title contenders.

Prior to the three major trades that headlined the offseason, the trade deadline in February saw action in the form of Kyrie Irving being traded to the Dallas Mavericks.


However, the storyline was far from done, and it was Kevin Durant who joined the Phoenix Suns soon after to play alongside Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and Deandre Ayton.

The move wasn't without ramifications which came to the forefront in the summer, with Paul and Ayton finding new homes. On that note, here are the three NBA 2023-24 offseason trades that have changed the balance of power in both East and the West.


3 major NBA 2023-24 offseason trades

#1. Chris Paul to the Golden State Warriors


In a move that would prove to be a double-edged sword for the Golden State Warriors, the front office shopped Jordan Poole to the Wizards and acquired seasoned veteran Chris Paul.

While the trade made sense from the money perspective as Poole had a four-year, $128-million contract extension, landing a 38-year-old despite him being one of the greatest point guards in NBA history might not exactly work in the team's favor.

Given his injury history, the first challenge is to see if he can suit up for a majority of the regular season. In Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, the team already has a solid backcourt, and it's hard to see Paul start with the duo.


The only way this fit works is if the player accepts a bench role where he would be the floor general for the secondary unit. His experience and ability to make plays make him an asset, and if that works out, the Warriors will be one to watch out for in the NBA 2023-24 season.

#2 Bradley Beal to the Phoenix Suns

Bradley Beal was a NBA trade rumor staple linked with multiple teams, but his final landing spot was the Phoenix Suns where he plays alongside Booker and Durant.

The Suns are now top heavy, and there were concerns regarding their depth and future that they sacrificed in the form of four first-round pick swaps, six second-round picks, Landry Shamet, and Chris Paul.


But with the Damian Lillard trade, they now have some role players who can assist the team's offensive powerhouse. In the three-team trade that went down, the Suns received Jusuf Nurkic, Nassir Little, Keyon Johnson, and Grayson Allen for Deandre Ayton and Toumani Camara.

With Beal in the mix, the team has made their championship-or-bust intent very clear.

#3 Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks

In a move that sent ripples in the NBA circuit, the Milwaukee Bucks pulled off a bold trade landing Damian Lillard, who was expected to go to the Miami Heat.


To obtain the prolific sharpshooter in a three-team deal with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Suns, the Bucks gave up their two-time All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday, Grayson Allen, their unprotected 2029 first-round pick and unprotected first-round pick swaps in 2028 and 2030.

However, they know that this was a way of keeping Giannis Antetokounmpo in their ranks and stake their claim for their second title in four years.

In his final season with the Blazers, Lillard averaged 32.2 points and 7.3 assists per game, and while the concern would be the Bucks losing depth, they have three more season of Lillard and a chance to add more suitable talent around him and Antetokounmpo. They are still a defensively strong outfit and are now bonafide tite contenders.

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