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5 most hilarious NBA post game moments from 2022-23 season

5 most hilarious NBA post game moments from 2022-23 season

Next month marks the start of the NBA season. NBA players have switched teams, and rosters have been reshuffled. The previous NBA season was among the most competitive and deep in recent memory. Let's take a look back at the previous season. However, let's concentrate on some off-court moments rather than what happened on the court.

NBA players are often great with their off-the-court antics. Some players love throwing water on a player during a post-game interview or photobombing behind them. Others throw shade at other players across the league during press conferences. Some bring their children to the podium for a humorous moment.


So let’s dive into some of those comical moments from the previous season. Here are five of the most hilarious post-game moments from the 2022-23 season.

Five of the funniest post-game moments from last NBA season

NBA players love to have a good time. They have a long and grinding season, so it is no wonder that they loosen up at times after games. NBA Twitter is full of funny moments from post-game situations.


An honorable mention goes to sports analyst Shannon Sharpe for getting himself involved and yelling at Ja Morant and his father during a Grizzlies vs. Lakers game. With that said, here are five of the funniest moments from last season.

No. 5 - Luka dodges question


Luka Doncic took the route of quoting a meme to avoid a question. A reporter asked Doncic about Kyrie Irving after he was traded to Dallas. The reporter wanted to know how Irving was fitting in with the offense.

Doncic played coy and said that was a question for the coach and denied having that much influence with the team,

“I just work here man,” Doncic said with a laugh.

The video went viral in no time as Doncic nailed the question perfectly.

No. 4 - The Joker is too honest

Just moments after winning his first NBA title, Nikola Jokic had quite the quip. He seemed exhausted and was extremely honest following the title-clinching win.

“The job is over, we can go home now,” Jokic said.

The expression lacked enthusiasm for someone who just claimed Finals MVP and their first-ever title. But, Jokic was too tired and just wanted to go home to his horses.

No. 3 - LeBron’s freakout

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This one was post-game even though the game continued into overtime, The Lakers took on the Boston Celtics in the TD Garden on January 28, 2023, in an epic battle. Boston came away with a clutch 125-121 win in overtime. LeBron James dominated throughout the game with 41 points. However, the dramatics came down in the final moments of regulations.

James was fouled on the last possession of regulation but the refs didn't call it. James had a meltdown as he collapsed to the floor. His antics and dramatic reactions were immediately sourced to create endless memes.

No. 2 - Dillon Brooks calls out LeBron

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Following the Memphis Grizzlies win against the LA Lakers Game 1 in the first round of the playoffs, Brooks went full troll mode on LeBron James. He called the legend “old”.

“I poke bears — I don’t respect no one until they come and give me 40," Brooks said.

The comment made Lakers fans and NBA fans alike mad. The Lakers knocked the Grizzlies out of the playoffs and won Game 6 by 40 points. Brooks was labeled a clown afterward.

No. 1 - Pat Bev being Pat Bev and LeBron’s freakout

The best moment also came from the Lakers and Celtics game in late January. Following the Lakers' loss, James’ teammate came to the rescue to further call out the refs for the missed call.

Laker guard Patrick Beverley came off the bench after the game with a camera and showed it to the referees to hilariously show them what they missed. Beverley was given a tech but it was worth it.

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