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  • 5 NBA players under 25 years of age whose careers are embroiled in legal drama
5 NBA players under 25 years of age who put their careers at risk with legal drama.

5 NBA players under 25 years of age whose careers are embroiled in legal drama

There are a lot of NBA players under 25 years old. Some of them are rising superstars, while others have had their careers thwarted by off-the-court issues. It's not uncommon for NBA players and athletes to have controversies as they face greater scrutiny and have to find ways to navigate fame at a young age.

Let’s take a look at five NBA players under 25 years old who have already faced off-court controversies.


Some of these NBA players under 25 years have faced suspensions, while others have dealt with legal drama. Here are five of those NBA players under 25 years old.

Five NBA players under 25 years old with off-court controversies

A lot of these NBA players under 25 years old have promising careers. However, they have hit road bumps due to legal drama.


While there are other NBA youngsters who have hit legal drama and struggled with newfound NBA fame, this list is about five of the more well-known names who fit the criteria of NBA players under 25 years old.

Josh Giddey, OKC Thunder

Josh Giddey

Giddey has continued to play this season while legal drama potentially swells around him. In November, an X account published photos and videos of Giddey with a young female. The two seemed to be engaged in a romance. The account alleged that the female was underage. Giddey is 21 years old.

The account alleged that the girl was a high school junior. Her age, however, has not been confirmed. The Newport Beach Police Department is investigating the matter, as is the NBA. Giddey declined to comment, and the posts and accusatory account have been deleted.

Brandon Miller, Charlotte Hornets

Brandon Miller

Miller is 21 years old. His career has powered through some legal drama. While he was playing as a freshman at Alabama, Miller was indirectly involved in murder.


A gun owned by Miller was used in a fatal shooting of a 23-year-old woman. Miller's gun was borrowed by his teammate Darius Miles. Miles’ friend Michael Davis then used the gun to kill the woman.

Miller ended up free of any charges. His lawyer argued that he was unaware of the entire situation. Miller was selected second in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Kevin Porter Jr., Free Agent

Kevin Porter Jr.

Porter Jr. probably lost his spot in the NBA due to legal trouble. Porter has had a few instances of legal trouble. He was suspended for personal conduct issues while at USC.

He had a charge of improper handling of a firearm in 2019. The charge was later dropped. He faced multiple controversies upon being traded to Houston in 2021. In September 2023, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in a hotel. Houston traded him to OKC, who then waived him.

Miles Bridges, Charlotte Hornets

Miles Bridges

Bridges has faced legal issues early in his career. He was suspended for 30 games in April for a domestic violence incident. The incident involved Bridges’ girlfriend at the time.

He was accused of violating the legal agreement in October. He reportedly threw pool balls at the vehicle of the woman. Bridges returned to the Hornets lineup in November.

Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant, Grizzlies

Morant famously hit off-court issues last season. He was filmed flashing a gun in a Denver club. Morant left the team and entered a counseling program. He was hit with an eight-game suspension.

Morant made matters worse in May after being filmed flashing a gun on IG Live. He was suspended for 25 games and is yet to return to the Grizzlies lineup.

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