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  • 5 teams LeBron James has worst career records against (including new rivals Denver Nuggets)
LeBron James has played in the NBA for 20 years and amazingly has a winning record against all NBA teams.

5 teams LeBron James has worst career records against (including new rivals Denver Nuggets)

LeBron James is now entering his 21st season in the NBA and while we marvel at the longevity, the four-time NBA champion also owns a winning record against all of the teams in the league.

In the 20 years that James has been playing in the league, he has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, and then back to the Cavs again before going to the Los Angeles Lakers.


You may be wondering who are the NBA squads that the 19-time NBA All-Star is having the most problems on. Anyhow, here are the NBA teams that LeBron James has the worst record against in his 20-year career.

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1) Denver Nuggets (50-50): The only team in this list to have an even record against LeBron James


Quite surprised that the Denver Nuggets is the team that evens up the win-loss record against James. This is a record to watch especially since Nikola Jokic and this team is going to be a problem for years to come in the NBA Western Conference.

The history of Denver against James dates back to when Carmelo Anthony was still considered his rival and running the team in the 2000s.


2) Houston Rockets (21-19): Almost an even record against the four-time MVP

Having resided in the NBA Eastern Conference most of his career, James didn't have much competition with them back then until recent years when James Harden came to the Western Conference.

3) San Antonio Spurs (22-19): One team that would be considered as LeBron James rival

This is also like Gregg Popovich's record against LeBron James in 20 years. Having faced each other in the NBA Finals twice in 2013 and 2014 is quite memorable for NBA fans. With the Spurs rebuilding around Victor Wembanyama, it is interesting how many wins can this team get against an NBA star in his late 30s.


4) Los Angeles Clippers (23-19): Just the team that resides beside the Los Angeles Lakers

Like the top four teams in this list, there weren't many games between the Clippers against James until lately when the Los Angeles Lakers got the former league MVP through free agency.

This team has been giving James some trouble especially when Blake Griffin and Chris Paul were leading the Lob City Clippers. Now it is Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook that is out to prove that they can rival the Lakers.

5) Chicago Bulls (34-28): One of the franchises that has given LeBron James some great matches when he was still in the East

When you search at the back of your mind when was LBJ getting some challenge from the Chicago Bulls, the name that comes to mind is Derrick Rose. From the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat, the Bulls give James a tough day and those wins were earned.


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LeBron is looking forward to the upcoming NBA season and would like to add one more title to his already impressive resume before hanging up his shoes.

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