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  • Is Dante Exum married? Exploring Mavericks star's personal life & more
Is Dante Exum married? Exploring Mavericks star's personal life

Is Dante Exum married? Exploring Mavericks star's personal life & more

In the 2014 NBA draft, Dante Exum was the fifth pick by the Utah Jazz and is playing in his eighth season. Recently, Exum posted a picture of his first-born child on Instagram, which has caused fans to speculate if the Mavericks guard is married. On June 23, he revealed on Instagram that he was already dating someone, reportedly named Jessica Corey.

With that said, is Exum married? Currently, there's no official announcement from the couple besides their child reveal. The Instagram caption included the name of the kid, Daria Lior Exum.

"My Little Light," Dante Exum wrote.

Exum has been a nice addition to the Dallas Mavericks this season, with him averaging 4.8 points (50.8% shooting) and 2.3 rebounds per game.


Dante Exum's personal life


The Dallas Mavericks guard was born on July 13, 1995, in Melbourne, Australia, while being raised by the late Cecil Exum and Desiree Exum. He has two siblings: Older brother Jamaar and twin sister Tierra.

Dante Exum's enthusiasm for sports came from his parents, with his father being a former basketball player at the University of North Carolina and his mother being a high school track star. Meanwhile, Exum's sister is currently a college track athlete.

Additionally, Cecil, unlike his son, Dante, could not make it to the NBA due to a knee injury and decided to give the Australian National Basketball League a go. Playing in eight seasons with the NBL, he spent time with the following teams: North Melbourne Giants, Melbourne Tigers and Geelong Supercats.

Tragically, however, Exum's father died at the age of 60 on July 1, 2023, due to lung problems.


Dante Exum talked about his previous stint with the Utah Jazz

Before landing with the Dallas Mavericks this season, Dante Exum briefly talked about his time playing for the Utah Jazz.

"It was definitely a difficult time," Exum said. "I don't know how I got through it, if I'm being honest. I always look at that wanting to get on the court, and that's kind of what keeps me going. I always want to stay on the court. I always want to play. I want to play 82 games.
"I think, at this point, it's just about doing everything right to stay healthy and make sure I can be on the court."

It seems from Exum's comments that he found his time at Utah difficult as he experienced numerous injuries in the five seasons he was with the organization. Having moved past it, Exum is of the mindset of ensuring that he stays in shape and remains healthy as much as he can to be available on the court.

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