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  • Dwight Howard teases new venture after weeks of being in trenches: "My podcast is going to be crazy"
Dwight Howard teases his upcoming podcast

Dwight Howard teases new venture after weeks of being in trenches: "My podcast is going to be crazy"

Former NBA center Dwight Howard recently teased his fans and followers online about his upcoming podcast, "D12 Above the Rim." Howard posted on X (formerly Twitter) about his new venture, sharing his excitement.

Howard hasn't played in the NBA since the 2021-22 season and has explored other options. Before he made his announcement of having a podcast, the former Orlando Magic center considered continuing his basketball career in Europe and Australia.


Now that there hasn't been any new information about his return to the court, the eight-time All-Star has revealed his upcoming project. Howard has appeared on a few podcasts as a guest, but he'll be the one doing the interviews this time.

"My podcast is going to be crazy the stories I got," Howard posted.
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Recently, he's been dealing with a myriad of controversies. His ex-girlfriend, Royce Reed, has come out and made allegations about the former All-Star center. In an interview with DJ Vlad, Reed talked about how the former NBA star allegedly threatened her.

"I've been dragged, I've been thrown, I've been shook or shaken, I've been cursed out, I've had my life threatened, I've had a knife pulled on me. I've been told that if he killed me now that he could get away with it because he's baby Jesus. Orlando loves him and I was in his house, he could claim self-defense," Reed said.

Howard is also dealing with a separate lawsuit from a man named Stephen Harper who alleged that the former NBA star sexually and physically assaulted him.

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Other NBA stars who started podcasts like Dwight Howard

Starting a podcast has become a trend among basketball players. Former players use their platform to interview and get stories from their fellow basketball stars. Dwight Howard could be added to that list soon.

JJ Redick and Gilbert Arenas have recognizable podcasts. Shaquille O'Neal, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes are also some of the top pro ballers turned podcasters. Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles have a platform that has garnered a ton of support.

In the active players' list, former teammates Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have had success in the podcasting space. All-Star forward Paul George, CJ McCollum and even Duncan Robinson have successful podcasts.

Howard will look to bring a different touch with his podcast.

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