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  • Jayson Tatum hints at Air Jordan unveiling 'Tatum 2 & 3' signature shoes soon: "It's an 18 month process"
Jayson Tatum hints at unveiling new Shoes

Jayson Tatum hints at Air Jordan unveiling 'Tatum 2 & 3' signature shoes soon: "It's an 18 month process"

Boston Celtics guard Jayson Tatum revealed on the "Point Forward" podcast that his Tatum 2 and 3 signature shoes are already done and that he should be unveiling them soon.

His first signature shoe the Jordan Tatum 1 went on the market on April 7, 2023. According to Nike, the debut shoe was born out of Tatum’s desire to wear a shoe that feels closely connected to his foot.


Jordan Tatum 1 was popular among sneakerheads and basketball enthusiasts. The Tatum 2 should follow the same trend. Tatum, who signed with Jordan Brand in 2019, said the time frame that goes into the process of getting his signature shoes to the retail market.

"People don't know it's an 18-month process from like first talk about the shoe until it comes out to retail," Tatum said. "Tatum 2 is already done. I'll wear it soon. The Tatum 3 is done. So, that's what I'm saying, like, I could be wearing one, the second one is finished and we finishing the third one, and we've just started working on the fourth one."

Other NBA players who have signature shoes with Jordan Brand are Zion Williamson, Luka Doncic and Russell Westbrook.


Jayson Tatum feels at home with the Boston Celtics

On the "Point Forward with Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner" podcast, Jayson Tatum opened up about the challenges of playing in Boston and living up to the incredible expectations of the fans.


He said that he believed that his legacy would be magnified if he led the Celtics to their 18th NBA championship.

“They love their sports teams. They love their guys," Tatum said. "I feel like I’ve been embraced, that they’ve accepted me as one of their guys. I can only imagine the love, the reception, if you hung one of those banners up. It would be incredible. It’s going to be incredible.”

Jayson Tatum is seventh in the NBA's KIA MVP ladder, averaging 27.6 points, 8.9 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game and the Boston Celtics (15-5) are sitting pretty at the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

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