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  • "Bro doing dunks KD can't even do" - NBA fans react to Victor Wembanyama's ridiculous Eastbay dunk
NBA fans react to insane dunk from Victor Wembanyama

"Bro doing dunks KD can't even do" - NBA fans react to Victor Wembanyama's ridiculous Eastbay dunk

Victor Wembanyama has continued to amaze basketball fans, analysts, and players since he first popped up on the scene. Since then, Wembanyama has continued to put on showstopping performances where he's proven that he can do things no other player can.

With a wide bag of ball-handling tricks, a spectacular 3-point shot, and a unique combination of speed and finesse unseen at his height, Victor Wembanyama has it all. Apparently, he also has quite the bag of dunks as well.


During a recent layup line before a game, Wembanyama left viewers absolutely stunned with a between-the-legs dunk reminiscent of Vince Carter. Naturally, fans were quick to chime in with some pretty hilarious reactions.

Victor Wembanyama makes it look easy. 🥶


@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE Bro doing dunks KD cant even do. He’s different
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE It’s almost like he’s 7’5 with genetics unseen in the history of mankind
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE He’s 12 feet tall. Expected.
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE It’s funny because he probably didn’t even need to jump to do a between the legs dunk
@TheHoopCentral @KristenParlay23 @NBAFRANCE Which NBA team was he MVP for? He can leap!
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE Nah hes made in a lab! He too tall for that!!!!
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE I can do that with a 720 added
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE This isn’t normal man 7’3 ain’t supposed to be able to move like this lmao
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE Glazing a dunk by a 7-5 player is crazy
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE Idk maybe because he’s 8 feet tall just a guess
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE A lot of people don’t actually know how rare it is for a 7 footer to be able to pull off between the legs dunk
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE this is what vic sees when he gets next to a basketball run
@TheHoopCentral @NBAFRANCE The talent is there no doubt about it. Hopefully, he will be healthy and discipline to hit the ceiling of his career.

Victor Wembanyama's future with the San Antonio Spurs


Victor Wembanyama is currently preparing for his future with the San Antonio Spurs. After the team won the first pick in the NBA draft lottery, a visibly excited Wembanyama spoke to Brian Windhorst.

As he explained, there's a deep history between the French and the San Antonio Spurs thanks to the one and only Tony Parker. As a result, he's excited to join the team and evolve under not just Gregg Popovich, but also under Tim Duncan, who has agreed to help work with Wembanyama.

Currently, the 7-foot-5 star is preparing for the draft later this month, where the Spurs will draft him first overall and finalize his transition to the NBA.

Metropolitans 92 v G League Ignite

As LeBron James told media members earlier this year, the league hasn't seen anything quite like what Wembanyama brings to the table.

"Everybody's been a unicorn over the last few years, but he [Wembanyama] is more like an alien. No one has ever seen anyone as tall as he is but as fluid and as graceful as he is on the floor."

Of course, James isn't the only one impressed by Wembanyama. As Steph Curry said to media members earlier this year, the 7-foot-5 star is reminiscent of an NBA 2K character who could do it all on the court.

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