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  • Stephen A. Smith speculates awful news amidst ESPN layoffs: "This ain’t the end, more is coming"
Stephen A. Smith speculates awful news amidst ESPN layoffs

Stephen A. Smith speculates awful news amidst ESPN layoffs: "This ain’t the end, more is coming"

On Monday night, Stephen A. Smith shared his thoughts on the recent happenings at ESPN. Over the past fews days, news has emerged that the network is letting go of close to 20 on-air personalitites. Some of those who have been laid off include Jalen Rose and longtime broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Stephen A. Smith gave his thoughts on what is going on around him. He is going to miss his colleagues who are moving on, and cited that the firings aren't over. Smith even stated that he is someone who could be impacted as well.

"This ain’t the end. More is coming.
“And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I could be next. Let me tell you all something. Don’t ever, ever, ever in your life as a Black person take anything for granted."

This year marks Smith's 20th year with the network. He is most known for being an NBA analysts and insider along with being the host of the morning show "First Take."

Stephen A. Smith gives special shout out to Max Kellerman


Outside of Jalen Rose and Jeff Van Gundy, one of the other big names to be impacted by these layoffs is Max Kellerman. During his time with ESPN, he was a longtime co-host of Stephen A. Smith on "First Take."

Given that they were longtime partners on air, Smith was sad to see that Kellerman is among the bunch being let go. While fans might think he would be happy about this, the longtime TV host shared his thoughts on his former partner.

“I’m even gonna miss Max Kellerman, I know y’all thought I wouldn’t. I am not happy that he is gone. We all know what history we had. We all know what happened with he and I parting ways on ‘First Take.’ I don’t want the brother unemployed. I want him gainfully employed. I want him having a job and a career."

Based on Smith's comments, more news could emerge about others being let go from ESPN. That being said, it's hard to believe that he will be in that group.

While Smith is one of its highest-paid talents, he is the host of one of its top shows and is constantly helping out in other areas. Replacing a talent and personality like him would be an extremely tough challenge.


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