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Looking at who designed the NBA Cup

Who designed the NBA Cup trophy for In-Season Tournament Winners? Taking a closer look

The quarterfinals for the NBA In-Season Tournament will start tonight, as two games will take place and two teams will advance to the semi-finals. Only one team will be able to win the prize of $500k and the first-ever NBA Cup. The new trophy will be given to the winning team in the tournament.

The NBA Cup was designed by Tifanny and Co. The company collaborated with artist Victor Solomon and handcrafted it at the Tiffany hollowware workshop in Cumberland, Rhode Island. According to them, there are meanings behind the design choices that were made.


Gold was the choice of color, which "reinforces the connection to the NBA’s trophy offerings and symbolizes the highest level of achievement." The black elements on the trophy add uniqueness to it.

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The trophy was made from sterling silver trophy and coated in 24-karat gold vermeil and black ceramic. Other details of the cup have their representation. The eight prongs that flow through the sides from top to bottom were inspired by the prongs of a diamond ring, according to sources.


The net detail that was placed on the base is "a blend of the design of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Championship Trophy bases."

The Boston Celtics and the Indiana Pacers will kick things off for the quarterfinals tonight. It will be followed by the matchup between the Sacramento Kings and the New Orleans Pelicans.


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Looking at other trophies for the NBA In-Season Tournament

Aside from the NBA Cup, the league will also be awarding individual players for their performance in the NBA In-Season Tournament. The league will award the best player for the tournament and receive the first-ever MVP Trophy for the new In-Season Tournament.

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The trophy was also designed by Tiffany and Co. as they've also been the company that designs the Larry O'Brien Trophy. The black and gold color choices mimic the NBA Cup.


The league will also award other players in the tournament, not just the MVP. Unlike the NBA Championship, other players will get a chance to shine and receive an award. Medals will be handed to the players of the winners of the NBA Cup. “NBA In-Season Tournament Champions” is etched on the front of the medal, with four balls placed in front of the medal to represent the four teams competing in the semifinals.

Just like All-NBA teams, the in-season tourney will give credit to players who have performed well during the tournament. They will be given trophies for the All-Tournament Team. It sticks to the theme of black and gold coloring.

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