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  • Why is Charles Oakley suing movie producer for $1 million? Looking at former NBA All-Star's recent dispute
Why is Charles Oakley suing movie producer for $1 million?

Why is Charles Oakley suing movie producer for $1 million? Looking at former NBA All-Star's recent dispute

Charles Oakley has been part of a lot of off-the-court drama since his career ended, and he now finds himself in a legal battle. The former All-Star is suing a movie producer for an amount north of a million dollars.

In the report of the case, Charles Oakley is suing a movie producer for defrauding him of close to one million dollars. The former NBA center is now taking Rock Capital Entertainment to court for negligence and unfair business practices.

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On top of defrauding Oakley in film and real estate projects, Steve Belser also took advantage of his NIL. He ised Oakley's name and image to secure investments from other sources.

Belser convinced Oakley to invest in the company for a movie in 2009. Despite the film doing well, the former New York Knicks big man claims he was never paid.


Oakley played 19 seasons in the NBA before retiring in 2009. In that span, he earned close to $47 million. Oakley is still around the game of basketball, as he is currently a coach in the BIG3 League.


Charles Oakley is in the midst of another court case as well

While Charles Oakley seeks payment from his investments, he is also in the midst of another legal battle. This once has to do with New York Knicks owner James Dolan and MSG.

The situation began back in 2017 when Oakley was at Madison Square Garden for a Knicks game. During the game, he was removed from the arena by security. Oakley got into a scuffle with the security team, and a video of the encounter ended up going viral online. After the incident, he tried suing defamation and assualt.

The case was originally dismissed in 2021, but was re-opened by the federal appeals court. One major change is that this time around Knicks owner James Dolan will be listed as a defendant.


Being removed in that manner was personal for Oakley, as he spent most of his career in New York. He played his first three seasons with the Chicago Bulls and then spent the next decade with the Knicks. It was in New York that he earned the lone All-Star appearance of his career.

With the case back open again, Oakley now will have another opportunity to have his voice heard in court. It will also mark the second legal case he is a part of as he attempts to seek proper compensation on multiple fronts.

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