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  • "Why are you so curious?" - Kevin Durant withdraws fire from fan with deleted comment on his personal life
Kevin Durant withdraws fire from fan with deleted comment on his personal life.

"Why are you so curious?" - Kevin Durant withdraws fire from fan with deleted comment on his personal life

Kevin Durant is back at it again on Twitter. The Phoenix Suns forward is known for his internet trolling and is never afraid to reply to fans and haters. He went on Twitter once again to throw some shade at his haters. He tweeted out a critique of those in the comment section.

“Hatin ass comments will get u nowhere in life,” Durant tweeted.

Durant then deleted the tweet. However, a fan responded before the sharpshooting NBA star could take it off his timeline. This fan had an interesting question for Durant.

“You right KD, but where is yo shawty? I’m curious,” a fan wrote.

Shawty is slang for attractive woman, and it seems that the fan was trying to take a dig at Durant's dating life.


Durant, of course, had time for the hater. He fired back at the fan for commenting on his dating life.

“Why are you so curious?” Durant wrote.
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Meanwhile, Durant has always kept his dating life low-key. He does not have a well-publicized girlfriend or basketball wife like many other NBA players.

There are many other instances of Durant being the NBA Troll King on Twitter. It is also not the first time he has deleted a tweet.

One time, an old tweet from 2009 resurfaced where Durant promised to buy a fan on Twitter something for Christmas. Durant wanted that one back 14 years later.

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He once tweeted, "I definitely need help," and then deleted it. This sparked a wildfire reaction from some concerned over his mental health, while others assumed he was trolling once again.


Kevin Durant's season stats

Kevin Durant has been carrying the Phoenix Suns this season. Since his fellow All-Stars, Bradley Beal and Devin Booker, have missed games, the forward is giving his best to win games for the Suns.

The 35-year-old Durant is still as productive as ever. He is averaging 31.0 points per game this season, putting him third-best in the league.

He has eclipsed the 30-point mark in 10 of the 19 games played this season. His season high came when he dropped 41 points against the Detroit Pistons.

Durant is also, as usual, highly efficient. He's hitting 50 percent of his 3-point attempts. He also makes 52.1 percent of his shots. His efficiency extends to the free throw line, where he shoots 89.2 percent.

The Suns hope to take some weight off Kevin Durant’s shoulders. Booker’s return to the lineup has already helped in that way. The return of Beal could also lower some of Durant’s scoring numbers.

Phoenix (12-9) is sitting seventh in the standings. They hit their stride when they won seven in a row upon Booker’s return from injury last month. Phoenix will hope to get back to those winning ways after losing in the In-Season Tournament quarterfinals to the LA Lakers.

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