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  • "Y'all better draft him" - After Stephen A. Smith, Carmelo Anthony reveals pleading with Knicks to draft Tyrese Haliburton in 2020
Tyrese Haliburton should have been drafted by the New York Knicks as Carmelo Anthony pleaded for it to happen

"Y'all better draft him" - After Stephen A. Smith, Carmelo Anthony reveals pleading with Knicks to draft Tyrese Haliburton in 2020

Tyrese Haliburton has been having a career year with the Indiana Pacers this season. Recently, Carmelo Anthony spoke on his "7 PM in Brooklyn" podcast about the excellent young stars in the NBA today. Aside from giving Jayson Tatum and Anthony Edwards their dues, he also gave some love to Haliburton and even mentioned how he wanted the New York Knicks to draft him.

Interestingly, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith also mentioned on ESPN's "First Take" the same sentiment as Anthony in preferring that the Knicks select Tyrese Haliburton instead of Obi Toppin. During the 2020 draft, New York had the eighth pick, while the Sacramento Kings had the 12th pick.


Carmelo Anthony knew what the New York Knicks might have if they had selected Haliburton. Here's a look at what he said in his podcast:

"Haliburton would be somebody I always like," Anthony said. "I was trying to get him with the Knicks years ago like, 'Yo draft him like please.' I wasn't even on the Knicks but, 'Yo ya'll better draft him. Ya'll need him.' He's really good man."
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From Anthony's point of view, he figured that the Knicks might need Tyrese Haliburton on their team. However, not only did the New York Knicks pass up on him, but so did the Washington Wizards, the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs.

However, after two seasons with the Sacramento Kings, the management decided to take a different path, focusing on developing a proper team around De'Aaron Fox. Tyrese Haliburton, Buddy Hield, and Tristan Thompson were traded to the Indiana Pacers on February 8, 2022, in exchange for Domantas Sabonis, Justin Holiday, and Jeremy Lamb.


Tyrese Haliburton's career year with the Indiana Pacers

This season, Haliburton has been a tough assignment for opponent defenses with his impeccable skill in shotmaking and decision-making. In 17 games this season, the Pacers guard has averaged 26.9 points (52.1% shooting, including 44.7% from 3-point range), 11.9 assists, and 4.0 rebounds.

Recently, Haliburton completed the Indiana Pacers' upset victory against the Boston Celtics in the In-Season Tournament quarterfinal round on Monday night. His triple-double stat line of 26 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds contributed to the 122-112 victory over the Celtics to secure a spot in the In-Season Tournament semifinal round against the Milwaukee Bucks.

From the looks of it, Haliburton seems to only be getting started, with opponents experiencing difficulties slowing him down.

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