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  • "You get Molly and Malika": Charles Barkley and Stephen A Smith butt heads at In-Season Tournament broadcast
Charles Barkley and Stephen A. Smith share hilarious banter

"You get Molly and Malika": Charles Barkley and Stephen A Smith butt heads at In-Season Tournament broadcast

NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley seemed to have met his match with Stephen A. Smith. The NBA In-Season Tournament proved to be entertaining as TNT and ESPN worked together to broadcast the semifinals. During a segment when Ernie Johnson was talking, Smith came to the rescue as Barkley kept interrupting him.

A collaboration between ESPN and TNT doesn't come often. But now fans are loving the interaction between the two powerhouse shows for both broadcast companies. "Inside the NBA" is working closely with "NBA Today" to make the tournament entertaining.


Smith wanted to hear Johnson's question when Barkley couldn't help but talk over his co-host. The ESPN analyst quickly took his chance to call him out, and the crew enjoyed their friendly banter.

"Chuck is over there interrupting Ernie," Smith said. "Let Ernie speak and complete his sentence, his question. Don't make me come over there and deal with you. I can't wait.
"You better shut up," Chuck responded hilariously.

Johnson welcomed Smith to what he deals with each show and he had this to say.

"I'm coming to the rescue tonight, Ernie," Smith said. "I'll deal with him later."

In complete Barkley fashion, he uttered a comeback that caused an uproar from the live audience.

"You know what bothers me, Stephen A.? You get Molly (Qerim) and Malika (Andrews), and we have to look at Ernie's ugly head," Barkley said.
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The two groups will be covering both semifinal games of the tournament. First, they'll cover the game between the Indiana Pacers and the Milwaukee Bucks. Next, they'll handle the LA Lakers-New Orleans Pelicans game.


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Stephen A. Smith shares meme now that he gets a chance to work with Charles Barkley

Both Charles Barkley and Smith are known for their hot takes about the NBA on their respective shows. However, the two icons don't get to work together as they work for different companies. Now, the NBA In-Season Tournament has given them a chance to do an entertaining show for the fans.

Smith reposted a video on X (formerly Twitter) with the iconic meme of Shaquille O'Neal and the late Kobe Bryant, which was originally posted by Bleacher Report. The humorous twist came when it was revealed that the faces were swapped for the two analysts.

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Fans are energized to see the two working together. Both have built a reputation as entertaining and informative analysts throughout the years.

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