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Top 3 famous NBA coaching legends

Coaches play a vital role in the success of a basketball team. Over the years, there have been several legendary coaches in the NBA who have made a significant impact in the league. Here are three great coaches from the league's past.

Phil Jackson

Memorial Service For Los Angeles Lakers Owner Dr. Jerry Bus

Phil Jackson is regarded as a successful head coach. He has won 11 championships in his career, the first six with the Chicago Bulls and the last five with the Los Angeles Lakers. His six finals victories with the Bulls included two three-peats.

Jackson was well-known for his distinct coaching style, which emphasized teamwork and mental toughness. He is also known for his ability to bring out the best in his players and to instill a winning culture in them.


Most recently, Jackson served as president of the New York Knicks, for whom he also played. However, Jackson was removed from the position in 2017.

Pat Riley

New Orleans Pelicans v Miami Heat

Pat Riley was another legendary coach. He won a total of five championships, coaching for the Los Angeles Lakers first before moving to the Miami Heat. Riley retired from coaching in 2008, however, he is still very much active in the NBA today.

He is currently the president of the Miami Heat, and has held an executive position in Miami since his departure from the head coaching job. He earned two additional championships as an executive in 2012 and 2013.

Gregg Popovich

San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers

Unlike the other two coaches on this list, Gregg Popovich is currently the head coach for the San Antonio Spurs and one of the greatest coaches the league has ever seen. He has won five championships with the Spurs.


Popovich has been coaching for nearly 50 years and has been the head coach of the Spurs since the 1996 season. He is known for his strong defensive strategies, ability to develop players, and his no-nonsense approach to the game.

Greatest NBA coaches

Overall, these three coaches are among the most well-known legends in league history. They have had an impact on the league, their teams, and basketball as a whole. Their records and accomplishments speak for themselves, and they will be remembered as some of the greatest NBA coaches of all time. They have set the standard for future coaches and inspired many to pursue careers as coaches.


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