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Who are the best players in Team USA history?

Top 5 players with the best win-loss record for Team USA

Team USA is preparing for its next big international tournament with the FIBA 2023 World Cup. The team has a long and storied history and has been a dominant force in international basketball. They have become nearly unbeatable ever since they allowed pro-NBA players to join the league.

Of course, there was the 2004 Olympic team that stumbled to a bronze medal. The team has won every Olympic gold medal since then.


The 2023 team will try to keep the winning going in the World Cup. It is still a young team with no big-time international experience. Fans are rooting for them to win it all with a roster full of NBA players.

¿Quien está ganando en una serie de 7 juegos?

Team USA 1992 o Team USA 2008. pic.twitter.com/7OWOML5rIA

Let’s take a look at the players from the past. Many players have never lost while wearing red, white, and blue. Which five players have the best record for Team USA?


Five best Team USA players of all time

5. Steve Smith (26-0)

Steve Smih for Team USA.

Smith during his run with Team USA helped them win multiple gold medals including the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 1994 World Cup.

No. 4 - Tyson Chandler (27-0)

Tyson Chandler was a big member of the 2012 team.

Although not the biggest NBA star, Chandler was a solid fixture as a big man for Team USA for one of their best runs. He helped USA to a world championship in 2010, an Americas championship in 2007. He was also on the gold-medal winning team in London 2012.

No. 3 - Michael Jordan (30-0)

Jordan on the Dream Team.

No surprise that the G.O.A.T. is featured on this list. One of the greatest winners in basketball history, Jordan brought his success to the national team as well. He was a part of both eras in Team USA basketball history.

He was the star of the 1992 Barcelona gold-medal winning Dream Team. The Dream Team never lost. He also helped the USA to gold in the 1984 LA Olympics as a college athlete. He also helped the US to a PanAm title in 1983.

No. 2 - Kobe Bryant (36-0)

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest USA basketball players ever.

Bryant was one of the best Team USA players of all time. He came to Team USA’s rescue after the embarrassing 2004 bronze medal finish. Bryant led the team to back-to-back gold medals in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. He was also on the team that won the Americas title in 2007 as they prepared for the “Redeem Team” run in 2008.

Kobe Bryant had 36 wins and ZERO losses while playing for Team USA.

Forever a legend (h/t @kobehighlight) pic.twitter.com/D24WKT3iyc

No. 1 - Jason Kidd (46-0)

Jason Kidd, now coach of the Dallas Mavericks.

Kidd stands among the select few with two Olympic gold medals in basketball. He steered the team to victory in Sydney 2000 and later resumed his national team role in 2008 to contribute to the Redeem Team's triumph. He remained unbeaten in the national colors, and his leadership also secured three Americas titles in 1999, 2003, and 2007.

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