5 best tips and tricks to win more matches in BGMI after unban (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 best tips and tricks to win more games after BGMI unban

BGMI, short for Battlegrounds Mobile India, is the Indian version of PUBG and is one of the biggest names in battle royale games for mobile. Since the Indian Government banned BGMI in July 2022, fans have expected a possible return. It is time to rejoice, as the Government has lifted the ban. The game is making its comeback soon for a three-month trial period.


Players looking to hop back into BGMI after its unban could expect to meet some familiar foes and new players along the way. As battle royale games promote extreme competition, winning matches is not easy. It takes a high level of practice and strategy to get an edge over others and rank up quickly.

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A deep dive into some of the best tips and tricks that can be implemented in BGMI

If you are excited about BGMI's return and want to jump back into the competition, you can apply the following tricks to win more matches easily. These tips are applicable whether you are a returning player or a new player, and by following a strategic approach, you will gain the upper hand over others.


1) Focus more on headshots

One of the most brutal ways to kill opponents in BGMI is by executing the perfect headshots. It doesn't matter which weapon you use; even the weakest can take out your opponent swiftly when this killing technique is used. Sniper Rifles are highly effective against enemies, but delivering the perfect headshots will also require a lot of practice.


So you can check out the best sniper rifles to use in this case and even head to the training room to practice headshots until you master them and gain more confidence during matches.

2) Play with your friends as a squad


This is a highly recommended way to get more wins in BGMI. Playing matches as a squad with your friends ensures proper communication and coordination. Otherwise, playing alone or with a random team will dwindle your chances of winning.

If you want to rank quickly in BGMI, this is the best way, as you have an increased chance of winning when playing with your friends.

3) Focus on loot


You can hoard plenty of loot at the start of the game after landing, and you will find more along the way as you keep playing and eliminating opponents. In every map, there will be at least one location with the highest amount of loot that can be collected. Your primary focus should be increasing your backpack space to store more ammunition and utilities.

Hence, always make sure you land in the spot you are familiar with, with plenty of items lying around. The more loot you have, the higher your chances of surviving until the end.

4) Follow a passive playstyle

Follow a strategic approach to win matches easily (Image via Krafton)

Battle royale shooters aren't just about going on a shooting spree and showering your enemies with bullets, as winning a match takes more than that. Passive players are the kind who choose to survive till the end and strike by following a strategic approach. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is highly recommended that you avoid close combat situations.

Hence, you can hide and wait until the herd thins out. Focus on collecting more loot and healing up. And during the match's final stages, you can attack your remaining opponents when the opportunity arises.

5) Use your utilities wisely


BGMI offers various utilities that can be equipped and collected mid-game, such as grenades, smoke bombs, scopes, bandages, first-aid kits, etc. Your scopes play a crucial role during the final stages of a match when the safe zone has fully shrunken.

Use your bandages and first aid kits only when your health is too low, and use your grenades at a safe distance at the right timing and angle.

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