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Some bizarre crossovers have taken place in Riverdale (Image via Archie Comics)

From Predator to Punisher: 10 most interesting Archie comics crossover explored

Archie Comics was a huge phenomenon back in the 80s when Gen X got to experience the remarkable culture that was all about around Riverdale High. However, over the years, the growth of superhero films and comics has grown to a peak where the classic stories of Archie have disappeared.

The classic storytelling in the comic books is still beloved by OG fans, and they continue to cherish those days.


However, there have been several crossovers in the comics with several other franchises that keep Archie’s spirit and his world alive. Here are some of the best 10 Archie Comics crossovers.

Ten most interesting Archie Comics crossovers


1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet Archie


Over several years, TMNT has had a number of publishers where Archie comics used to publish them for a more "kid-friendly" comic version before their television show. When the show took off in 1991, it would only make sense to bring the grown-up turtles back into Riverdale and let them join the action.

Throughout the crossover story, TMNT get dropped in Riverdale and is caught up in the middle of a crime scene where Veronica got kidnapped by impostor IRS officers. The turtles offer Archie and the gang their help and rescue Veronica, post which they return to their world.

2) Archie Meets The Punisher


Back in the day, when crossovers between the two franchises were a rarity, this genius crossover left everyone in disbelief, bringing together the light-hearted Archie with the vigilante killer, The Punisher. What started as a joke turned into an epic crossover that would go on for years.


The baseline of the story lies in the hunt for a killer who escaped New York and was hiding in Riverdale, as the Punisher is hot on his trail. However, there is one catch. The criminal looks identical to Archie Andrews, resulting in Veronica's criminal kidnapping. The latter sets the comic's events in motion with the vigilante teaming up with Riverdale's favorite Redhead Guy to rescue the girl.

3) Archie Meets Glee


Archie Meets Glee was one of the most popular comics in the franchise that turned into a massive success that fans of both the franchises adore. The crossover was penned by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a writer on Glee, who would become the chief creative officer of Archie Comics and develop the show Riverdale.

The peppy antics of Riverdale worked perfectly with the early Glee days that the miniseries received well. The story follows a strange invention that merges both worlds, and shenanigans ensue.

4) Archie meets The Batman 66'


A potential crossover between the worlds of Riverdale and Gotham was bound to happen as both the storylines were of the same era where Adam West's Batman would later team up with Robin to fight crime. There are several twists and turns in the crossover that keep the reader engaged.

The story follows the caped crusader with his sidekick Robin entering Riverdale to hunt down Batman's foes and prevent the city from being destroyed. Batman and Robin are set to rescue Jughead from a villain's schemes.

5) Archie meets KISS


KISS is one of the only rock bands with a consistent and successful history of collaborations with other franchises. It would be logical for them to also enter the world of Archie Comics with such a collab that would rock Riverdale, heavy metal style.

The story is based after Sabrina sends Zombies, Monsters, and KISS is brought into the action to bash some deadheads. While there have been musical crossovers in Archie Comics before, this one quickly became a crisis.

6) Archie vs. Sharknado


The Archie comic issue was an official tie-in for the third Sharknado film with the director, who also penned the comic. The comic's plot was in line with the plot of "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"

Betty and Veronica got caught in the epicenter of a Sharknado attack. Whereas, Riverdale gets in the way of Sharknado, so he, with his friends, gets back to Riverdale to fight off the Sharknado and protect his family. Although the crossover does offer extreme violence, it maintains its light-hearted authenticity to Archie's World.

7) Archie vs. Predator


Archie vs. Predator was one of the most bizarre Archie comic crossovers in the teen comic genre. As fans and readers took it as a joke, the comic contained several graphic details and character deaths.

The situation rises to a point where Betty and Veronica are set on doing horrible things to Archie. The story revolves around a cast split into various parties to trap and defeat the alien.

8) Archie meets Tiny Titans


DC's kid-friendly superheroes finally appeared on Archie Comics after their enormous success of making TMNT comics alongside Archie. Tiny Titans is a kid-friendly series of stories that attract young kids closer to comic book heroes, making them unique.

The entire series is filled with fun and humor from Riverdale and their gang and the innocence of young titans and their abilities. However, the franchise is still running strong and, in the future, aims to grow more by introducing more heroes as kids.

9) Harley & Ivy meet Betty & Veronica


Although this was not a direct collaboration with Archie's vital character, the plot doesn't have the characters crossing over that much. Instead, a magic spell causes the two duos to be body swapped. What followed was a light adventure about trying to stop the destruction of a swamp outside Riverdale.

The plot, although, was very light and did not show characters swapping with one another often. This crossover, however, proved to be successful as fans loved the mayhem DC villains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy brought to Riverdale.

10) Archie meets Ramones


Another musical collaboration following bigger collabs like Glee and KISS was already set in motion for viewers of Archie Comics to explore in Riverdale. While Archie's band Josie and the Pussycats often appear in the comics, it didn't overshadow the collab.

However, the comic book focuses on Archie being zapped back in time and landing with the Ramones, and the blend of Pop and Punk music works perfectly. There are tons of easter eggs and history about the famous bands embedded in the comic pages.

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