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Old Man Logan and Civil War (Image via Marvel Comics)

From Civil War to Old Man Logan: 10 best comics written by Mark Millar

Mark Millar has an extensive portfolio with titles that span multiple publishers. His work has been newsworthy and found a home on the little screen.

Coming into prominence amongst comic fans with several works, he became well known in wider circles when his work jumped from print to the big and small screens.

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Mark Millar is known for setting his characters in a more grounded world than we're used to in other comics or commenting on the current state of things in the world. It's usually a given that his stories will also be far more graphic than is expected from a comic book.

While all of his stories stand out, his independent comics stand above the rest.

Ten most readable Mark Millar comics, including Wanted and Old Man Logan


1) Civil War 1

Heroes from Marvel fight (Image via Marvel Comics)

The first Civil War was a crossover event that had readers on the edge of their seats. It was the one that pitted Iron Man against Captain America in a philosophical battle that reached physical heights. Millar took an idea from the X-Men stories and applied it to every hero Marvel has created.

What happens when the government wants to take control of private vigilantes and force them to unmask themselves? This story answers that and shows the bloody consequences.

There really are no winners in anything as devastating as Civil War's conclusion. Only losers, and that's evident when we watch the death of Captain America unfold in the final issue.


2) American Jesus

American Jesus asks some philisophical questions (Image via Image Comics)

Never one to shy away from controversy, American Jesus is one of Mark Millar's more controversial titles as it is a commentary on the state of religion and politics in the American landscape. The story is about Jodie Christianson, a twelve-year-old boy pegged as the second coming of Jesus as he can perform miracles and has survived a freak accident.

The pressures of such a title can be overwhelming, however.


American Jesus might not seem like anything special at first. It might seem like every other commentary on religion, but as you turn each page, the point of the whole story starts to become more apparent and proves to be anything but typical.

It has Mark Millar's humor that fans have come to love balanced with a sincerity that makes it a quality comic worth reading.

3) Nemesis

The antithesis of Batman (Image via Marvel Comics)

What would happen if Batman used all his wealth, cunning, and technology to be a criminal? You would get Nemesis.

This story shows us the terror that somebody with all the resources of Batman or Iron Man could muster. The hero is a police officer, similar to Commissioner Gordon.

While the story is graphic and has unsavory moments, it's a fascinating look at what Batman or any hero like him could have become. The ending is unexpected, and every time you think you figured out what is going to happen next in Nemesis, you find out you're mistaken.

4) Huck

A gentle giant (Image via Image Comics)

Huck is a story, unlike anything Mark Millar has penned before. Where his tales are filled with gratuitous violence, Huck is a teddy bear by comparison.

In a story about love and family, this comic follows the title character on a journey to find his birth mother while selflessly helping the people in the city he lives in. Huck is an unsuspecting hero that the world truly needs.

5) Red Son

What if Superman was raised in Russia (Image via DC Comics)

Superman's ship could have crashed anywhere besides Kansas. It could have landed in New York, where the young Kryptonian could have become a wealthy socialite, or in California, where he might have learned how to surf and have a relaxing demeanor.

Better yet, he could have crashed in a different country entirely and been raised with altogether different morals.

Mark Millar examines an Elseworld in what would have happened if Superman was raised in Russia by Russian farmers. It sees Batman as an agent for America and gives a whole new look at the Cold War.

6) Wanted

An organization of assassins (Image via Image Comics)

Not Mark Millar's first comic, but it was his first story to find a home in Hollywood. It also got his name buzzing among casual fans. When his comic Wanted was adapted into a movie, it got people to check out the comic only to discover it wasn't quite the same.

The comic was about Wesley Gibson being inducted into an organization of assassins known as The Fraternity. It diverges from the movie (besides being over the top, not as grounded as the movie, and having people running around in costumes) because Wesley isn't a good-hearted person.

Mark Millar presents his readers with an amoral character who seeks out revenge, which involves murder.

7) Jupiter's Legacy

A look at different generations of Superheroes (Image via Image Comics)

Published in 2013, Mark Millar teamed up with Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin) to bring Jupiter's Legacy to his fans. It's a story about different generations of superheroes, showing the first generation using their powers to improve humankind while their offspring struggle with the responsibility of living up to their expectations.

It's a wonderful story further improved by Quitely's art. Jupiter's Legacy went on to spawn a prequel limited series titled Jupiter's Circle that followed the older generation as they laid the groundwork for their children to follow. The story of Jupiter's Legacy is a commentary on real life and the divide between generations.


8) The Ultimates

The Avengers in another universe (Image via Marvel Comics)

The Ultimates is a modern reimagining of The Avengers created for Marvel by Mark Millar. Set in the Ultimate Universe, a parallel universe to the main 616 one, the Ultimates are a task force working for the US government charged with defending the world against powered and non-powered threats.

The MCU took a few beats from this series, which is evident.

While The Ultimates followed familiar characters that fans had been reading about for years in The Avengers, Mark Millar was able to make the title feel new. It wasn't just another comic about Captain America or Iron Man.

Fans were getting to know these characters all over again. It was refreshing that Millar was able to make them new while maintaining their familiarity.

9) Kick-A**

A more realistic and brutal look at superheroes (Image via Marvel Comics)

Mark Millar was able to redefine the word "violence" with this title. Blood and gore ran amuck in Kick-A**, but it worked for the story. In a world without superheroes where a kid wanted to make a difference, it was a realistic look at how that would go down.

It's a coming-of-age tale with friendship, camaraderie, betrayal, and a** kicking. It gave readers multiple sequels to dive into, a movie, and some favorite characters who would earn their own titles.

10) Old Man Logan

The ultimate Wolverine story (Image via Marvel Comics)

Old Man Logan had fans talking for years. Legend says they're still talking about this story.

It was the quintessential Wolverine story that heavily influenced the movie, Logan. It takes place outside the main continuity of the Marvel Universe in a post-apocalyptic future where Logan once had a family.

This future sees Logan traverse the wastes of his world, ruled by villains, to confront descendants of Bruce Banner as well as Banner himself. It's a fall from grace story in the shell of a deconstruction of the Wolverine character.

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