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My Adventures with Superman title (Image via Warner Bros Animation/DC Entertainment)

10 things that My Adventures with Superman needs to explore in coming seasons

My Adventures with Superman has been very well received since its first season finale aired on September 1, 2023. With a second season currently in production, the time has come to look toward the future of the series and think about what the series needs to cover in upcoming seasons.

There are many things the series does really well, including Lois Lane and Clark Kent's character developments, that should certainly continue into future seasons. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other things, such as introducing more iconic villains like Lex Luthor or supporting characters like Supergirl, that would make the animated show better.


Disclaimer: As Superman's history is rather vast, this article will contain plenty of spoilers for various Superman-related media, including My Adventures with Superman. Any and all opinions therein are exclusive to the author.

Lex Luthor, The Fortress of Solitude, and 8 other things My Adventures with Superman needs in future seasons


1) More of Lois and Clark's relationship


If there's one positive thing that most fans agree on regarding My Adventures with Superman, it's that Lois Lane and Clark Kent's relationship is the best it's ever been. While some have criticized the fast development as a relationship speedrun, there are well over 50 years of Superman material wherein their relationship is slowly developed over time.

Their relationship is an absolute delight to behold in the first season, despite some turbulence with Clark's secret identity at first. Subsequent seasons are going to need to continue bucking the "will they/won't they" trope after so many shows and series have done this with Lois and Clark.

2) Introducing more iconic villains

Some of Superman's iconic rogues gallery (Image via Sportskeeda)

While the rogues gallery introduced in season one of My Adventures with Superman felt perfect for a Superman who was still discovering what he was capable of well into adulthood, plenty more villains exist that the series can introduce to its viewers. Lex Luthor, at least, has been confirmed by the creators.


While the season finale teased both Brainiac and Zod, the fact that Task Force X, Slade Wilson, and Amanda Waller were part of season one raises the stakes for other villains to step up. The likes of Bizarro, Starro, Lobo or even Darkseid would be interesting to see, given the rogues gallery thus far has included famous villains like Parasite and others like a retooled Intergang, Livewire, and Heatwave.

3) More of Superman's supporting cast of characters

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Superman's supporting cast has received quite a bit of attention, thanks to shows like Smallville or Superman: The Animated Series. From Pete Ross and Lana Lang to Bibbo Bobowski and John Henry Irons, aka Steel, there is no end to the interesting and worthwhile supporting characters that can add life to the series.

This list includes famous examples like Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, and Metropolis PD captain, Maggie Sawyer, alongside Dan Turpin and Connor Kent, aka Superboy. As Supergirl is confirmed for inclusion, and the Newskid Legion likewise is there. Fans will have to wait and see who else gets involved.

4) More of the DC Universe

Apokolips, New Genesis, Kandor, and Rann (Image via Sportskeeda)

The DC universe is vast, with an uncountable number of heroes, civilians, and events that affect the multiverse. With an episode involving Mr. Mxyzptlk and a new faction called the Legion of Lois Lanes opening the doorway to multiversal travel, it will do well to see other famous places in My Adventures with Superman's style.

However, this doesn't necessarily need to mean having other DC heroes, like Wonder Woman, showing up in the flesh. It can be something along the lines of showing the Rann/Thanagar war or New Genesis and Apokolips. More than a few fans are hoping to see other places besides Metropolis and Smallville that matter to Superman.

5) Following up on all the dangling plot threads

Task force X, Zodd, and Jor-El, representing plot threads (Image via Sportskeeda)

Season 1 of My Adventures with Superman left plenty of plot threads open. It was an introduction to this version of the Man of Steel, his cast, and the overall problems they'll be facing. Therefore, it's natural that the first season sets up plenty of stories to be followed up on.

Task Force X under Amanda Waller's leadership and her threats to keep Slade and Sam Lane on much tighter leashes, and the whole story of what happened to Krypton, are several plot threads this series needs to expand on or close off. They had great introductions, but future seasons need to follow them up.

6) Adaptations of famous Superman stories

Several famous Superman stories (Image via Sportskeeda)

There are plenty of famous stories where Superman is a major player in events that could be adapted with this cartoon. Superman: Doomsday was a DCAU-style adaptation of The Death of Superman, showcasing Superman's fight and death against Doomsday and the chaos surrounding Superman's revival.

There's Superman vs. The Elite, adapted from What's So Funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way? showing Superman fighting a corrupt group of lethal superheroes. Likewise, there is For the Man Who Has Everything, where Superman is caught in the grip of a plant showing him his greatest dreams and having to escape.

7) The Evil Supermen/Clark's fears

Evil versions of Superman (Image via Sportskeeda)

Following up on the idea of the Legion of Lois and Superman becoming evil, the last few episodes of season 1 dealt with Clark's identity crisis about being Superman and potentially being a weapon. Likewise, the idea of an evil version of Superman coming through or Superman becoming one someday is shown.

What should probably happen later on is an evil Superman either invading or being represented by Zod's inevitable arrival and the chaos strewn in his wake. My Adventures with Superman has proven itself willing to shake things up, so the idea of facing down Superboy Prime or Justice Lord Superman isn't that far fetched.

8) Other DC superheroes or characters showing up

Other DC heroes (Image via Sportskeeda)

To expand on points 3 and 4, the concept of a larger shared universe is alive in My Adventures with Superman through the inclusion of Myxy, the Lois Legion, the Evil Supermen, and Vicki Vale. Although most fans of the series don't want Batman in it, as Batman has plenty of media and associated media, the fact that Vale was included opens the door for others.

Superman has well over 50 years of interaction with multiple superheroes and teams. This includes Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern Corps, the Flash, and the Legion of Superheroes. All of them would make more sense to have shown up before Batman is mentioned or even feature as cameos.

9) Further honing and developing Superman's powers


Superman being new to his powers and having a series based around it is nothing new. The live-action Smallville series had its runtime dedicated to Clark Kent's childhood to adult years, ending with him officially becoming Superman. Meanwhile, My Adventures with Superman's first season had him unlock his powers at critical moments.

Future seasons need to have him start working on honing the powers. This means mastering super strength, using x-ray and heat vision as a mixture to ensure something is welded, and his super breath and freeze breath likewise. Basically, the rest of Superman's powers need to come into play.

10) The Fortress of Solitude

The Fortress of Solitude (Image via Sportskeeda)

A key aspect of Superman's story is home vs. heritage, and answering the question of who he is at the end of the day. While My Adventures with Superman did start to answer that question, Superman's original ship was destroyed to avoid Zod and Brainiac's invasion of Earth.

Since Clark doesn't know his Kryptonian origins in full yet, the question then becomes one of time—when will he acquire the Fortress of Solitude? For the unaware, it's not just a massive ice fortress. The Fortress of Solitude features a record of Krypton's history and is usually where Superman learns everything about himself. My Adventures with Superman requires this to give Clark the answers he seeks.

My Adventures with Superman has been considered amazing thus far by many who were getting bored of the live-action adventures of the Man of Steel. It's a breath of fresh air after years of Superman being made grim and gritty in comics or live-action movies.

That being said, as the list has proven, My Adventures with Superman has only just begun to show its version of Superman's world and the DC universe as a whole. As memorable as it is, future seasons will have to include things like the Fortress of Solitude to complete Superman's journey.

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