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Deadshot, Elektra, and Bullseye (Image via Marvel Comics/DC Comics)

5 best comic book assassins, ranked

The comic book medium has created a wide range of characters. While reading our favorite comic books, we have witnessed characters who have played the role of both angels and demons. While we are aware of superheroes who have saved the world by putting their lives on the line, there are others with a not-so-strong moral compass.


The assassins of the comic book world are stealthy, ruthless and have attracted readers for their incredible personalities. The killers for hire have gone toe-to-toe with our favorite superheroes and have even bested them in certain scenarios. In this list, we rank the top 5 deadliest assassins in comic books.

Ranking the 5 best comic book assassins


These comic book heroes and villains have played the role of assassins and have committed questionable tasks for their employers.


5) Winter Soldier

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes Jr. fought alongside Captain America in World War 2 and helped the Allies secure victory. Steve Roger’s loyal friend and sidekick was believed to be dead in a plane explosion, but a brainwashed Bucky returned as the Winter Soldier: a Soviet spy and an assassin who had committed some horrendous tasks for the Red Army.

Under the influence of Hydra’s mental control, Winter Soldier killed the 35th President of the USA, John F Kennedy. The soldier with a metal arm used his expert military tactics and combat skills to assassinate many other American agents, Senators, and enemies of Hydra.


While fighting for the good side, Winter Soldier also managed to kill Captain America’s arch-nemesis Red Skull. In Captain America: Civil War, Bucky was seen as the murderer of Tony Stark’s parents, the worst assassination Winter Soldier has ever committed.

4) Deadshot


When your life is on the line while undertaking missions, you have no chance of failing, such is the philosophy of Suicide Squad. The core member of the group is the deadliest marksman in the DC universe. Deadshot never misses his target. He shot and killed bulletproof enemies, butchered multiple enemies with a single bullet, and destroyed a helicopter in one shot.

Floyd Lawton was born into a rich family with an abusive father and grew up admiring his elder brother, George, who was in a rage about killing their father. Floyd, using a hunting rifle, tried to disarm his brother but missed the shot and accidentally killed him. Floyd swore to never miss a shot again, ever in his life.

3) Elektra

oh to be an elektra spread finding parallels in violence and dance
9:54 AM · Mar 28, 2022

Elektra Natchios is also known as Elektra and is the deadliest female comic book genre ever created. Trained by a religious ninja clan, Elektra is an assassin with lightning-fast reflexes. It is said that a person who sees Elektra won’t see the light of the day.

Created by the genius Frank Miller and introduced in Daredevil Volume 1 #168, Elektra has some remarkable feats under her name. She shattered jaws and skulls with a single strike, ripped out people’s hearts (both literally and figuratively), punched through the abdomen, sliced a man in two, cut a flying bullet with her weapon, and many such marvelous feats which are both awesome and gruesome. Elektra was killed by another assassin who ranks higher on this list.

2) Bullseye

Did you know that?

In the comics, Bullseye temporarily took the place of Hawkeye when Norman Osborne directed the SHIELD and put the villains in the costumes of the great heroes to deceive the public.
1:06 AM · Mar 12, 2021

Bullseye, the name says it all. If the name isn’t enough, the huge target on his forehead will do the talking. Bullseye is one of the most legendary villains created by Marvel Comics and a psychopathic assassin who can go to any lengths to kill his target. Bullseye doesn’t have any superpowers, and his eccentric personality usually steals the spotlight.

Bullseye is an expert marksman who can use anything as a projectile to kill his target. You name a thing, and Bullseye has used that thing to kill a person. Be it a pencil, paper plane, golf ball, playing card, a hat, paper clip, quarter, tooth, yo-yo, the list can go on and on. He killed a man using a rifle, not by firing it but by throwing the whole rifle at the enemy.

Bullseye is a notorious enemy and has inflicted damage on his enemies both physically and mentally. He is infamous for killing Elektra, the number three assassin on this list.


1) Deathstroke

Col. Slade Wilson went through a military-sponsored program that gave its candidates superhuman strength. Instead of working for the military, he put his power to use as a gun for hire and became the terminator - Deathstroke, the greatest assassin ever seen in the comic book medium.


Originally designed to be the villain of the Teen Titans and especially Dick Grayson, Deathstroke has risen in the ranks and become a formidable foe who has gone toe-to-toe against the Dark Knight himself. In fact, in a comic book, he has bested Batman. Deathstroke and Batman have a similar tactic of instilling fear in the hearts of their enemies.

In the comic book Identity crisis #3, Deathstroke took on not one but five members of the Justice League - Green Arrow, Zatanna, The Flash, Hawkman, and Black Canary – all at once.

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