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Best and worst gender-swap characters from comics (Image via Marvel)

5 best gender swaps of beloved characters in comics (and 5 worst)

We've seen several gender-swap characters in Marvel and DC comics. For instance, we were introduced to the female version of Moon Knight in the third issue of Avengers Forever.

However, not all these versions are loved by the community. Some gender-swap characters live up to the original's reputation, and some don't.


In this article, we've discussed the five best and five worst gender-swapped comic book characters.

Best gender-swapped versions of renowned characters in comics


1) Supergirl

Supergirl is a Kryptonian and Superman's cousin (Image via DC)

Since her first appearance, the character has gained massive popularity. Audiences have liked the concept of a female version of the mighty Superman.

Being a Kryptonian, Supergirl is no less than Superman when it comes to strength. She does everything possible to save people and knocks down her enemies before punching them hard. Supergirl is a noble hero, just like her cousin, as she doesn't hurt anyone - not even her cruelest foes.

Despite all this, she has always flown under the radar. It is possible that if Superman had been introduced after Supergirl, she might have gained the fame she deserves.


2) Batwoman

Batwoman is an important ally of Batman (Image via DC)

DC's Batman rarely gets outshone by other characters in the universe. However, Katherine Kane's introduction in the comic books changed this perception.


The superheroine marked her place as a worthy counterpart of the Dark Knight by becoming an influential representative of Jewish minorities and LGBTQ.

Over the years, Batwoman has been a prominent superhero in DC's detective comics. It's no wonder that DC has worked on several live-action versions of Batwoman through movies and TV shows.

3) Captain America

Peggy Carter becomes Captain America in What If…? (Image via Marvel)

In Marvel comics, it's hard for anyone to be in Captain America's shoes. However, in the animated series, What if..?, Peggy Carter took the place of Captain America. She became a super-soldier, taking the name Captain Carter.


When the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, was injured by a HYDRA spy, Peggy Carter joined as a replacement.

Carter carries a vibranium shield that matches her uniform and is made by Howard Stark. She shares the same mentality as Steve Rogers, and doesn't believe in unnecessary violence.

At a time when women were looked down upon by society, Peggy Carter rose in popularity because of her capabilities and strong will.

4) Gal Gardner

Gal Gardner is another version of Green Lantern (Image via DC)

John Broome and Gil Kane created the character of Guy Gardner in Green Lantern #59. Since then, DC comics have frequently featured him in the Green Lantern Corps-featuring comic books.


Over the years, the character has gained acclaim as one of the best Green Lantern members. He has appeared with several well-known DC comic characters. Interestingly, he has also received his solo series.

In Warrior #42, the villain, Dormentor, wanted to attack him so he transformed Guy into Gal Gardner. With this transformation, the audience got several hilarious dialogs that made them laugh for hours.

5) Thor

Jane Foster becomes Lady Thor in Comics (Image via Marvel)

In 2014, it was revealed that the female version of Thor would replace Thor Odinson as he was no longer deemed worthy to wield the enchanted Mjolnir. This caused comic book fans to burst out in anger.


But when the female Thor, none other than Jane Foster, took over the responsibility, she proved to be as good as her predecessor.

In fact, since then, the Thor comics have shown that she can knock down the cruelest opponents very well, just like Thor Odinson. Interestingly, we'll soon see Jane Foster's version of Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Gender-swapped versions of characters that are not worth remembering

1) Lady Deadpool

Wanda Wilson is Lady Deadpool in comics (Image via Marvel)

Deadpool is a character who, with his humor, grabs everyone's attention. Apart from being funny, he is also brutal towards his enemies.


But here we are talking about the female counterpart of Deadpool, who hails from an alternate reality, Earth-3010.

To gain a little importance and attention, Lady Deadpool got involved with a group of Rebels in the United States. From a scarred face to a regenerative healing factor, she is pretty similar to the beloved Deadpool.

However, what has affected her popularity is the seemingly irritating sense of humor she carries. It has also been a little challenging for her to team up with other comic book characters.

2) Lady Punisher

Lynn Michaels becomes Lady Punisher when Frank Castles dies.(Image via Marvel)

Lady Punisher was created by John Romita Jr. and Chuck Dixon, and she made her debut in The Punisher War Zone #7. In the Marvel comics, the storyline sees her as a police personnel and an ally of the anti-hero, the Punisher.


The duo initially had to catch a rapist but later confronted several criminals and illegal organizations, including one that was kidnapping kids across the city.

Later, when the Punisher was thought to be dead, Lynn Michaels had to take over his duties. This fictional character gained popularity for a while but lost it quite soon because she lacked her predecessor's brutality.

Many fans consider Lady Punisher to be a poorly written counterpart of Frank Castle.

3) Iron Heart

Ironheart is the female version of Iron Man (Image via Marvel)

Many Iron Man fans cannot even think of the character's replacement. But a few years ago, Tony Stark's Iron Man was replaced by a teenager, Riri Williams.


Like Tony Stark, Williams has a high level of intellect that helped her create a suit. Inspired by the original Iron Man, she decided to follow in his heroic footsteps.

But Tony Stark's character is so iconic that fans haven't shown any love for Riri Williams. It was hard to imagine anyone else inside Iron Man's suit, which is why fans got bored of Iron Heart quickly.

4) Ultimate Vision

Ultimate Vision is not created by Ultron (Image via Marvel)

Vision has become quite popular among fans worldwide. But in the Ultimate comics line, there's a female version of the Android. She is not built by Ultron; in fact, she landed on Earth 100 years ago.


The reason behind her landing was to warn everyone of a threat. But along the way something went wrong with the ship, making it crash in Tunguska, Siberia.

There was a lot of potential with Ultimate Vision, but many believe the character was handled poorly. It's no wonder that, unlike Jane Foster and Peggy Carter, Ultimate Vision isn't remembered fondly by the community.

5) Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was originally a male superhero (Image via Marvel)

We are all familiar with the female version of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. But what many casual fans don't know is that the first Captain Marvel was, in fact, a male who was known by the name "Mar-vell."


Now, Carol Danver's version of the hero has become insanely popular because of the MCU. But for hardcore Marvel fans, Carol Danvers is the worst version of Captain Marvel.

The original Captain Marvel in the comics was, according to some, beautifully written with a storyline that didn't seem unnatural. Those same critics argue that the female version of the character was written to fit a socio-political narrative.

Caron Danvers' origin never made sense to Marvel fans familiar with the male version of the character. Her character lacks depth and mystery, and many feel she seems like an unnecessarily overpowered hero compared to her counterparts.

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