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The strongest versions of Venom (Image via Marvel)

Anti-Venom to T-Rex: 5 most powerful versions of the anti-hero in Marvel comics

In the Marvel comic books, Eddie Brock's Venom is often the most talked-about version of the Symbiote, and rightfully so. We've seen this version in several animated and live-action movies.

However, several other versions of the creature are just as powerful, if not more, as the versions we all know. Well, if you're also keen to learn more about these versions, here's a list you might like.


Exploring different versions of Venom

5) Anti-Venom

This version of the symbiote has a white skin (Image via Marvel)

It is a version of Symbiote that has black-and-white skin and a spider symbol on its body. The creature made its first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #599 in 2008 and also happens to be Venom's symbiotic brother.


In its first appearance, the storyline revolves around Eddie Brock, who, after recovering from cancer, worked in a soup kitchen. After he was found by Symbiote, something strange happened. He became caustic to the Symbiote and appears in a new suit.

Brock became immune to heat, sound-based attacks, and fire. He also happened to realize that his new form has some antibodies that can cure a person affected by drugs, disease, or radioactivity. Due to his darker days, he went on a guilt trip and decided to use his powers to help others.

4) T-Rex Venom

T-Rex is a dinosaur version of the symbiote (Image via Marvel)

This version appeared in the pages of Old Man Logan, where the iconic Wolverine and Hawkeye were chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex who was a host to the Symbiote.


In the post-apocalyptic world, when dinosaurs were being imported to the United States, one of them got exposed to Symbiote, thus creating a dangerous T-Rex version of the character.

T-Rex is already considered a dangerous dinosaur, often presented as the ultimate predator in almost every Jurrasic Park movie. Now, imagine that same dinosaur, but merged with the Symbiote; well, that makes him the most dangerous animal in the Marvel comics.

3) She-Venom

She-Venom is a female version of the Symbiote (Image via Marvel)

Created by David Michelinie and Mark Begley, Anne Weying was the first female character from the Marvel comics to take on the venom identity. She was first introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #375.

Anne Weying was a lawyer by profession, but she was fired from the firm when her ex-husband Brock had a heated conversation with the firm's CEO. Years later, she was shot by Sin-Eater, and the wounds were fatal. So, to keep her alive, Symbiote bonded with her upon Brock's request.

Initially, Eddie asked the creature to save Annie with his powers, but Venom used the opportunity to make Annie a host. Obviously, the female version had every power of the Symbiote, but what made her more dangerous was the Symbiote's dominance over Annie.

2) Venompool

Venompool is the mixture of Symbiote and Deadpool ( Image via Marvel)

As the name implies, Venampool is a combination of Deadpool and the Allien symbiote. The creature wasn't that different from the original Deadpool in terms of power. He had regeneration and healing powers, and the character could overwhelm his opponent with his martial arts skills. He was already dangerous when it came to fighting abilities and skills, but on top of that, he possessed immense superhuman strength as well.

Apparently, Deadpool created this version when the Collector handed over the Battle realm to him. As we all know, Deadpool loves to break the rules and creates a version of himself and the symbiote.

As expected, Venompool didn't realize exactly who he is, and he started destroying everything in his path. Shockingly, he was so powerful that Deadpool couldn't stop him, so he asked for Summoner's help.

1) The Punisher Venom

This version has a punisher symbol on his chest (Image via Marvel)

Every Marvel fan is familiar with Frank Castle, popularly known as The Punisher in Marvel Comic books. Frank is often considered an anti-hero because of his lethal approach against criminals. After his family was killed, Frank went on an endless rampage against those on the wrong side of the law. And unlike other crime-fighting vigilantes, Frank didn't hold back his punches, and he often finished the job by killing the criminals.

Well, in one reality, Frank became even more powerful when Symbiote merged with him instead of Eddie Brock. This version flexed Punisher's symbol on the chest, and they both shared the same mentality.

Symbiote liked to eat criminals, and Frank wanted to clear the streets of every evil-minded human being. Thus, the sheer hatred towards criminals and the combined powers of the symbiote and Frank Castle made it the strongest version of the Symbiote.

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